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From the Archives of Western Newspapers

Posted on September 6, 2023 by Sunny South News

By Samantha Johnson
Southern Alberta Newspapers
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Thursday, September 7, 1911 – Blairmore

Just when the Conservative party has succeeded in fighting its way to some degree of favour with the country, along comes Mr. George Taylor, former chief conservative whip, with this ill-considered remark to the House of Commons about the miner’s strike. “It would be better for the Government to drive the strikers to work at the point of the bayonet.” It is just blithering blatherskites like this blundering ass who keep the Conservative party on the bum. This outrageous remark will be used to fatal effect by the Grits at the ensuing elections.

The most barefaced lies that have ever been seen in print appeared in last Saturday’s Lethbridge Daily News. It is nothing but falsehoods from start to finish in which some despondent Conservative heeler tries to discredit the Liberal forces with a most glaring, daring and lying attempt to boost the Conservative cause.

Foreign missionaries will be pleased to learn that the king of the Cannibal Islands has passed in his utensils. His last feast was an old editor, whose cheek proved to be indigestible and for the first time the king succumbed to the force of circumstances.

Friday, September 5, 1913 – Lacombe


About 8,000 doctors gathered in London to discuss how to make life longer and death easier. At the convention, the doctors engaged in earnest, practical and friendly discussions. When will they learn from the politicians? The first necessity would be to split the doctors into two rival camps, or parties. There need be no real difference of opinion. The important thing is to have two different names, blinks and blanks would do as well for party names as any other.

The CPR will endeavor to get people from Calgary to Edmonton in five hours. Presently, it takes seven hours. The tracks will be levelled and passenger coaches improved. Observation cars have been added in the past two weeks and the old coaches will be taken off the line in the next year. CN and GTP will be in operation between Calgary and Edmonton within the next year and CPR is keen to meet the competition, claiming they will be offering the fastest service.

Horse wrangler Timothy Jones caused a $25,000 conflagration when he lit his pipe about 3 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon. He dropped the burning match in the stall where he was standing and 15 minutes later the flames had eaten up the livery barn and rapidly spread to other buildings. Late that night, after hours of strenuous fighting by the Innisfail Fire Department, the blaze was under control.

Saturday, September 5, 1914 – The Edmonton Capital

In Havana, a duel with sabres was fought yesterday by Col. Orestes Ferra, Liberal leader in the house of republican representatives, and Maj. Armado Andrew, a conservative member of the house and editor of the newspaper El Dia. Both combatants were severely wounded.

On Monday last a motor car was seen advancing towards Havre from the direction of Marfleurs. Sentries posted outside the city challenged but the vehicle didn’t pull up. The vehicle had five men inside wearing British uniforms. The sentry suspected a ruse and opened fire, but without effect. Another driver acted with great promptitude and drew his vehicle across the road. The next moment the car in question crashed into it and was wrecked. The five were taken prisoner and discovered to be Germans and are now in the local barracks. The vehicle they were driving was equipped with a quick firing gun.

Ford has announced a reduction in vehicle prices, effective immediately. Touring cars are now $590, runabout $540, and town car $840. If production reaches 30,000 cars or more, Mr. Ford will share $1.2 million with new Canadian retailers.

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