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From the Archives of Western Newspapers

Posted on October 19, 2023 by Sunny South News

By Samantha Johnson
Southern Alberta Newspapers
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Wednesday, October 21, 1885 – The Calgary Weekly Herald

In Winnipeg, Knox, who disappeared a few days ago, has not yet been heard of. Police are inclined to think he’s been murdered and thrown in the Red River.

It is about time we noted that there is not a registration office for brands in Calgary. As this is of vital importance to stockmen of the district, one should be established. Currently, it takes a minimum of a week to receive a return letter from McLeod and is much more likely to take a fortnight.

Thirty gallons of Bourbon whiskey were dumped by the Chief Constable, who was acting under orders of the Mayor. The whiskey was confiscated last Friday.

The Gazette office in McLeod has set up a steam engine. We congratulate the proprietors on their enterprise and hope their endeavors will prove successful. It didn’t look much like steam engines five years ago.

Thursday, October 15, 1908– The Chronicle (Crossfield)

There were many disappointed farmers in Airdrie this week. They drove 12 miles or more into town with loads of wheat only to find the warehouse full and no railcars available.

A company is being formed in Vienna to provide a floating sanatorium for invalids who may benefit from a sea voyage. English builders have agreed to build the vessel for $500,000, which will be for invalids only and designed to suit their needs. The ship will not be required to take a pre-established course and the weather as it comes but will search for good weather and take shelter during storms.

While it seems queer and brutal to Canadians, the human scarecrow is common in England. They stand motionless until signs of life when wildlife are tempted into the fields. They come alive and will hit an old tin can with the rusty handle of a shovel to protect the crop. The scarecrow is allowed to take shelter in a hedge during rain but must return to the field if any birds take advantage of their absence.

Thursday, October 14, 1915 – The Alderson News

The French are a surprise even to themselves. The popular idea of the French character in America has been that of a somewhat absurd, affected, voluble, theatrical people easy to ridicule in farce. The French were supposed to be right minded, frivolous and immoral. Yet, we find them fighting the most sordid of wars in grim silence, the least talkative and the coolest of all combatants.

Reports from European battlefields constantly emphasize the predominate role played by artillery in this war. The effectiveness of guns is entirely dependent upon the accuracy of their fire. This has resulted in the use of aeroplanes for fire control. The unheard-of skill with which the batteries of both allies and central powers are controlled is due to aeroplane spotters.

A special battalion of pioneers is to be recruited in Ottawa and other Ontario cities. Another is to be recruited in the West. They are to travel to the front attached to the two Canadian divisions there. Duties will include digging trenches, throwing bridges, and constructing roads under short notice.

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