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On the highway to safety this summer

Posted on May 27, 2014 by Sunny South News

Summer is a time to get away – to travel the highways of southern Alberta and abroad.

It is also a time when highways are under construction throughout the province. Once the spring thaw hits, it’s business as usual for mass amounts of fixing this and that on highways, roads and alleys.

Safety should also be a priority.

Being safe on southern Alberta roads is every driver’s responsibility – young and old. No matter if you’ve driven for the past 50 years or just got your licence last week.

Take it easy when travelling to and from destinations near and far. Slow down, when signs are posted and pay attention to warning signs.

Eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel, not texting or talking on a cellphone.

Construction workers need your full attention when you’re behind the wheel. Their lives depend upon it.

When workers are working it’s difficult for them to watch drivers on the road when passing by. It’s up to drivers to be diligent and obey traffic signs including speed zones and diverted lanes.

Even though posted construction speed zones carry a stiff penalty for those who choose to speed through lowered speed zones, rather than slow down for safety’s sake – many still zoom past construction workers without a care in the world.

Some, while talking or texting.

It’s as if the driver speeding is above the law and doesn’t need to respect the safety of someone else.

Every year awareness campaigns tell drivers workers have families who want their mom or dad or uncle or grandfather home in one piece or speed kills or any other idea to help curb needless injuries or death on highways due to negligence.

This summer, slow down and take in the scenery.

Keep cellphones in pockets or better yet in glove compartments or purses.

Allow enough time to get to places without the need to pick up speed to make up time.

When signs warn drivers a construction zone is near, heed the sign.

Summer can be one to remember. Hopefully, it isn’t one you’ll never forget because someone close to you was killed in a car crash due to speed and/or not paying attention or the last summer you’ll ever experience because of your very own stupidity or that of someone else on the road.

Buckle up and make sure those you love are buckled up for safety. Don’t drink and drive and get plenty of rest if out on the road.

Be careful out there. All it takes is a split second to change a lifetime.

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