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Political parties unveil wishy-washy platforms at best

Posted on April 28, 2015 by Sunny South News

Little Bow, election riding-wise, is vast with many municipalities and rural areas being represented by its elected candidates.
This May 5, Albertans head to the polls to elect a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) locally and a provincial leader.
There are five choices this time around in Little Bow. Albertans can vote (in no particular order) PC, Wildrose, NDP, Liberal and Alberta Social Credit.
Now is the time to research and get to know the candidates by reading about them in newspapers, checking out their official websites and/or social media hubs or by attending a good old fashioned town forum to see the candidates in action and how they act and/or react.
Many issues plague southern Albertans and elected officials are chosen to hopefully take the issues from constituents to the powers that be for discussion and to find solutions to the possible plethora of problems faced by Little Bow residents.
Just who that might be, is anybody’s guess. It’s a tough one to call, since there seems to be a hope of change in the air but it may end up being the same old same old for another round, not that there’s anything wrong with that, according to some southern Albertans.
At coffee shops, small businesses, and local events talk can be overheard about what is troubling residents in each and every community. It’s this or that and it doesn’t seem to matter what political party is in power — there will always be those who don’t agree.
Many southern Albertans though, seem to be afraid of change. It almost seems to terrify some. But, if a new change of guard happens, that change of guard can be changed and changed again if need be — if the masses don’t mesh with the idea of a new leader or party in charge.
There are five choices to choose from in Little Bow. Each candidate brings their own set of ideas and ways of doing business politically.
Again, check out what political party is closest to your set of ideas, values, beliefs or what have you. Unfortunately, the candidates in this upcoming election have to tow the party line, so to speak.
Sadly, many of the political parties have all had their fair share of turmoil at times — both provincially and federally. So, it’s too bad candidates have to run in an election with the platform of a wishy-washy political party most of the time.
Maybe next time there will be an independent to choose from — actually representing the electorate other than smoke, mirrors and a disconnect from the reality of real people — even though a political party’s candidate will tell you otherwise.

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