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Learning to fly — among other things

Posted on June 14, 2016 by Sunny South News

Roll call. There are many ways to learn — from school of all levels of academia to natural learning to learning by doing or from experience. Of course there are other methods of learning throughout one’s lifetime. It is hoped one learns from mistakes and learns to use those mistakes as stepping stones through the sometimes treacherous trenches called life.
Book smarts is one thing, according to those Hahvard-types. Street sense (not to be confused with Jonathan “J-Roc” Torrens’ CBC TV hit “Street Cents”) is another form of intellect. For those born during WWI and WWII — learning didn’t come easy when many Canadians were dodging bullets overseas or having to quit school at an early age to provide for the family.
For others born during the 1970s or 1980s, “Sesame Street” and other TV shows geared towards somewhat educating kids were a parent’s best friend. Big Bird, Snuffy, Oscar, Super Grover, and Kermit T. Frog taught generations about growing up and loving, caring and being respectful and understanding in a time of sometimes chaotic change.
People learn throughout life — from cradle to grave. People learn differently and therefore need to be taught by a variety of methods geared towards each individual. Like a snowflake, learning is unique and not one individual’s learning method is alike. Therefore, those teaching need to be flexible. It isn’t a cookie cutter world.
Everyone is special and deserves to be able to learn in their own way, no questions asked. Just because someone, somewhere at some time said people have to learn this way and only this way doesn’t mean it was the right thing to do. Finally, school boards are realizing this and are acting accordingly. Those who are not are offering a dis-service to learners.
To learn is to live and to live is to learn. Life has so many opportunities to learn from. But each and every person needs to take the first step to a lifelong journey of learning. Experiences offer individuals a chance to be directly involved in the learning process, instead of being a bystander and living life vicariously through whatever means. Learning is one of the greatest gifts a person can receive. Knowledge is power and knowing is a key to the lock of an endless supply of information out there in the world.
But, there are times when an individual must learn to be still. To be silent, so knowledge can be absorbed and examined from within. So, the knowledge learned can be utilized to its fullest potential.
Class dismissed.

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