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War Chests leave citizens as prisoners of war

Posted on June 28, 2016 by Sunny South News

War Chests leave citizens as prisoners of war

Politicians or want to be politicians often talk about their “war chests” during frivolous campaigns leading up to an election. Right now, in the U.S., presidential hopefuls brag about how much money they have in their arsenals to annihilate the other guy or girl at the expense of the nation’s ever-growing contempt for dis-organized politics and insincerity.
The two major potential presidential candidates both have money — lots of it. It’s no secret and the two flaunt their wealth whole heartedly, while the majority of Americans live paycheque to paycheque or rely on government assistance to get by. So, what makes these political hopefuls even slightly qualified to lead a nation, with a majority of its citizens living the farthest from how they live? Each and every election politicians are not in touch with the common woman or man. Most politicians in the U.S. have lost touch and they haven’t even come close to living in poverty or near poverty in their or their parents’ lifetime.
These so-called “war chests” could be better spent on helping the nation, rather than simply being used to lift these political hopefuls to a pedestal of self-proclaimed glory and victory. Philanthropy is not part of a politician’s vocabulary during times of an election. Sure, they talk about it in speeches and during rallies but they don’t walk the walk at the end of the day.
Politics need to be about change. Not making change from million dollar bills but actual real change in the world. The U.S. election is a dark and looming, almost sinister veil. During an election it’s not the best of a politician that seeps through, it’s the worst and isn’t that the exact opposite of what an elector wants to witness, when trying to figure out who won’t ruin the world the most?
Canada needs to learn a lesson from how not to have an election and begin the process of making federal or provincial elections better and not based on who has the bigger “war chest” to fight the enemy. By using these terms, the media tends to help fuel the fire but when politicians go to war, there are so many citizen casualties. Nobody wins and everybody is left shaking their heads on why this happens every election. Election reform, in the U.S. and Canada, is talked about but rarely ever acted upon.
In Canada, Canadians need proportional representation by proportional politicians similar to their constituents. In the United States, Americans need qualified representation — and that is qualified in being somewhat similar to the average Joe or Joan American. It seems as though Americans should always have a third choice on the ballot this election. An independent, without the baggage of a party affiliation. The Democrats and Republicans are wearing out their welcome in a society where the mostly two-party system is losing its appeal in a country with such a diverse and multi-everything population.

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