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Watch out waskilly wabbits!

Posted on July 26, 2016 by Sunny South News

Once upon a time a fictional character named Dirty Harry, played by a young Clint Eastwood, exclaimed to ne’er-do-wells — “Go ahead, make my day,” as he pointed a gun in their general direction.
As kids, we (if our parents allowed us) played with toy guns or BB or air guns until the late hours of the evening with neighbouring children.
Moses himself (well, Charlton Heston) preached to his disciples in the U.S. of A and to NRA carrying card members and to those who doubted validity of the United States’ often questionable right and highly debatable “to keep and bear arms,” — peeps could try and pry his gun or guns from his cold dead hands.
Even Elmer Fudd pointed his hunting rifle at that waskilly wabbit Bugs Bunny and doofy Daffy Duck.
The topic of guns, gun control and violence return to the North American psyche more often and more severe these days. Shock-rocker Marilyn Manson was right — many Americans seem to love their guns, god and government.
Luckily in Canada, the gun situation is not as severe and is under better control due to restrictions and regulations, which is in short supply and thinly guised Stateside. Violence continues to be a thorn in the side of the world, in all shapes and forms. But, guns are a problem. In the U.S., access to guns is a problem. And, relaxed restrictions and regulations to purchase guns is a problem. There is a white elephant in the room across the United States and it is up to all North Americans to address it before it’s really too late.
Cops are killing citizens, citizens are killing cops and violence strikes deep in the U.S. in many corners of the nation. Across the globe violence continues to ravage the populace and it seems no end is in sight — only more violence will prevail, it seems.
That’s a sad reality and bitter pill to swallow but choke it down, that’s the way the poisonous cookie crumbles, nowadays. It’s definitely not a cookie cutter world out there. The world is a vampire at times and it sucks the life right out of ya, if ya let it. One most definitely needs to digest information about the world in moderation or it might cause an overdose of sorts.
The problem is the problem(s) go deep. Their roots are woven into the very fabric of today’s woes fuelled by yesterday’s negligence to put out the flames rather than just fan them. It’s time to take a step back from all the man-made chaos and contemplate our next steps, as a global partner. Indeed, all global-ites, need to set aside our petty differences and conquer the proverbial Goliaths with kindness, understanding and a tip of the old hat for jobs well done to help mend the fabric and repair the broken fences.
Violence is a disease and it is killing more and more of the world’s innocence, even though the world’s residents aren’t entirely innocent. Our prejudices, even though not severe for some, still exists in some shape or form. Let’s face it, most of us all have our own opinions, pay lip service to a god, entity or spiritual essence and have political views and like to live a certain way. Those who don’t share our quirks should not be banned, ridiculed, banished, hated, or chastised. Sure, maybe you won’t invite them to your next barbecue but respect and being understanding of differences is what sets us apart from the animals.
John Lennon sang about peace, love and giving praise to the working class heroes. We are all working class heroes — working to save the world by taking a few moments each day to understand our neighbours but most importantly ourselves.
The monster on your street is most often a reflection in the mirror.

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