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Canada 150 eh? It’s a pretty big deal

Posted on June 27, 2017 by Sunny South News

Canada 150 eh? It’s a pretty big deal

There’s a lot of talk about Canada’s 150 celebrations these days and for good reason. Canada is one of the greatest nations on Earth and 150 years is a milestone for any country and/or group or organization.
2017 has been the year to celebrate and July 1 will be the ultimate Canada Day to remember. Fireworks, parties, community gatherings — Canada, thanks for having a moment in time to remember, so we can party like its Canada’s 150 years of cool.
Canadians will gather on July 1 to raise a Molson Canadian or perhaps a few to toast Canada — especially to give Canada 150 its due. It’s not every year a country celebrates 150 years of awesome — “I am Canadian” — is a proud badge of honour, worn by Canadians from coast-to-coast. We rock and Canadians, however humble they may be, deserve a tip of the toque.
Canada indeed kicks arse globally, as a decent place to live and visit plus we have a “rock star” prime minister at the moment, a tragically hip music scene, fine food fare including fries with cheese curds and gravy and a plentiful supply of maple syrup, diverse and unique provinces and territories, top-notch artists and athletes, and Canada flies a great iconic flag of red and white.
Being Canadian, when born or having the opportunity to become Canadian by choice, is like hitting the jackpot. Sure Canada has its ills, like any other nation. Canada isn’t immune to turmoil and troubles. But, Canada is pretty darn swell. No matter what your political stance, religious or cultural beliefs, sexual identity and so on — Canada tries its best to not discriminate and is often considered a nation of friendly, tolerant, accepting, kind, considerate and open peeps. Of course, each to their own and everyone has their own thoughts or beliefs about certain things. But Canada, for the most part, has residents that are worthy of high-regard and respect world-wide.
On July 1, celebrate with the rest of Canada. In 2017, celebrate something Canadian. For the next 150 years let’s all make Canada better, greater and a nation to continue to be proud of (even more so).
Canada is off and running as a nation to be revered and is the envy of many nations around this world we call home. It is paramount we keep Canada in-check and make sure Canada continues to be totally wicked cool.
Thanks Canada for being a good role model for the rest of the world. Sure, Canada does have its hiccups and eye sores, but overall, Canada keeps on keeping on. Keep calm — we’re Canadian.

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