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Time does not heal all wounds for municipalities

Posted on July 18, 2017 by Sunny South News

Most communities/municipalities in southern Alberta need an upgrade or overhaul and they’re trying and know very well what needs to be done. Many communities/municipalities have areas historical in nature or have grown worn and torn from years of use, sometimes neglect and sometimes from a community/municipality not preparing for the future or lack of foresight. What is a community/municipality to do? Apocalyptic-like streets and roads, infrastructure woes and failures, downtown cores beat up from the weather, time and undue care and attention — communities/municipalities need a little love, care and tenderness, but that takes money, which includes taxpayer money.
Councils are elected to make choices for the communities/municipalities they serve. Sometimes tough choices have to be made and not everyone is going to agree on the decisions made by those individuals that hopefully have the community’s/municipality’s back, for the most part. An old adage, “time heals all wounds” doesn’t apply to growth in a community/municipality. Time opens up old wounds (maybe a bad decision made for the town years in the past or lack of action), or time wrecks havoc on infrastructure (wear, tear and decay), or time doesn’t stand still when a community/municipality grows, evolves and moves forward (therefore, decisions need to be made now for mistakes in the past, or for moving forward). Time can be a fickle mistress.
A transparent and open leadership of a community/municipality is imperative in today’s day and age. Public consultation and trust is a must. Sure, not everyone is going to play nice in the sandbox, but all sides need to sometimes compromise and realize things change and what once was is no longer a reality.

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