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If life gives you lemons, and you make lemonade, you might get fined

Posted on July 26, 2017 by Sunny South News

Recently, across the globe, a five-year-old was fined $244 for selling lemonade without a licence near her home, according to reports.
Lemonade stands have been a right of passage for many young entrepreneurs in Canada and abroad.
Sadly, the only thing sour are municipalities where policies, procedures and bylaws are followed, “To a T.” Yes, some naysayers in a community will step up to their proverbial soapbox to express their disgust with the unfairness of little five-year-olds wanting to make a few bucks on a hot summer day and learn a few skills along the way, when other businesses (generally owned by adults) have to have a licence and abide by the rules.
Today’s society is too uptight. And those all bent out of shape about the little things in life could use a nice cool styrofoam cup of homemade lemonade.
Instead of any person in a community complaining about a kid setting up a lemonade stand, stop and think about it first.
First off, that kid is outside and not playing on electronics. Second, that kid has ambition and a goal, two attributes that shouldn’t be stifled, but instead, encouraged. Thirdly, that kid will learn about commerce, about finance and will build confidence.
And perhaps someday, that kid will grow up to be that naysayers boss or future leader.

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