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Brent Ginther Candidate Questionnaire

Posted on May 24, 2023 by Sunny South News

Southern Alberta Newspapers reached out to each candidate in Taber-Warner and asked

a series of questions about issues of interest in the provincial election. Editor’s Note: We

did not receive responses from Paul Hinman (Wildrose Loyalty Coalition), Jazminn Hintz (NDP), Joel Hunt (Green Party) and Frank Kast (Independence Party of Alberta).

Brent Ginther

Solidarity Movement of Alberta

1) What are the top issues in the local riding, and what would you and your party do to try to address those issues?

The top issues in my riding are the fact that it is becoming unaffordable to raise a family in the richest province in the country and that no mainstream political party is responsive to the will of the voters they claim to represent. Our governments both federal and provincial continue to sign our country and province into agreements that nobody has ever consulted us about. As a candidate for The Solidarity Movement of Alberta, I am free to represent the interests of my constituents because I am not beholden to a party, nor do I have my eye on a long political career. The candidates for the mainstream political parties are in it for themselves and I am in it for my constituents. I am a veteran who has fought hard for this country before, and given the situation we are in, I am willing to do it again.

2) Should Alberta implement a provincial police force, or retain the RCMP? What about the CPP versus a provincial pension plan?

Alberta needs its own police force as the RCMP has shown itself to be an organization unworthy of the trust of Albertans. Whether it’s blowing up oil installations as they did in the 90’s as part of their attempt to entrap Wiebo Ludwig and Richard Boonstra, the excavators that they sabotaged last year outside Coutts, or the fact that they visited the home of Nova Scotia mass shooter, Gabriel Wortman, no less than 16 times prior to his massacre, they have demonstrated that the RCMP is not up to the standard that Albertans deserve.

Alberta should also implement its own pension plan and stop allowing Ottawa to collect our taxes. Alberta workers account for 16.5 %of total CPP contributions while Alberta retirees consumed only 10.8 % of CPP expenditures. This is just one more example of why we would be better off with a provincial plan.

3) With a global and national push for more green energy, how does Alberta integrate and promote the virtues of its oil and gas industry?

Alberta needs to educate people on the facts surrounding the green energy initiatives. It is unrealistic to rely on “green energy” and, even if all of Canada never produced another ton of C02 ever again it would make no difference if countries like India and China continue to emit. Our leaders are using climate change as a scare tactic and an excuse to increase the control over our lives and tax us into oblivion. Until the right technology becomes available to meet our energy needs, people will need to rely on oil and our province is capable of supplying a reliable source of energy to meet global demands which is something we should exploit to our benefit. The oil and gas sector built Alberta’s economy and allowing those who hate our success to stifle our economic development while benefitting from our equalization payments is absurd.

4) The state of the province’s healthcare system remains a top issue for voters. What has to be done to make our system more responsive to the needs of Albertans?

The first thing that needs to be done is to dismantle the system of bureaucratic waste that pervades our healthcare system. Way too much money and resources are devoted to a managerial class that does very little to help Albertans in need of healthcare, while sucking money from the system.

The second step is to hire more frontline healthcare workers and hire back all those who were fired or put on leave due to the UCP governments COVID policies and to never allow the AHS board to do anything so short-sighted ever again. The next priority is to start a campaign for Alberta that promotes individual action to maintain and improve an individual’s own health and prevent problems brought on by poor lifestyle choices from taking up healthcare resources. Anti-smoking campaigns have historically proven effective, and similar efforts could be made to promote healthy diet and exercise.

5) Do you have a vision of what this province could be in 10 years, and what does that look like?

What this province looks like in 10 years hinges on whether Albertans have the courage to make a stand and say no to the false dichotomy provided to us by the mainstream political parties. If we continue to fall prey to the paradigm of choosing between the UCP and NDP which are both leading us down the road to a globalist-controlled future, then that is exactly what we can look forward to. If Albertans can show our pioneer and independent spirit in the voting booth, then we have a real chance at becoming the most prosperous bastion of liberty in the western world. If they can see through the deception and scare tactics of “vote splitting” we can show that we are not fools and we’re not going to put up with the status quo anymore. The choice is yours this election, show them that Albertans have what it takes!

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