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Par Wantenaar answers Candidate Questionnaire

Posted on May 24, 2023 by Sunny South News

Solidarity Movement of Alberta candidate for Cardston-Siksika, Par Wantenaar, provided the following answers to SSN’s candidate questionnaire:

1) What are the top issues in the Cardston-Siksika riding and what would you and you do to try to address those issues?

Wantenaar: To end every connection to any outside influence from radical environmental organizations (i.e., WEF). If this is allowed to continue, possibly all other decisions regarding the governance of Alberta will be overshadowed by the dictates of this entity.

2) Should Alberta implement a provincial police force or retain the RCMP? What about CPP versus a provincial pension plan?

Wantenaar: Alberta should have both a provincial police force and pension plan. Also the chief of police should be elected.

3) With a global national push for more green energy how does Alberta integrate and promote the virtues of its oil and gas industry?

Wantenaar: We need to push back against the underhanded campaign which has blackened the name of our oil and gas industry by making widely known the role of the AER and how it continuously keeps this industry in check in regards to  management of environment issues. Alberta is hailed around the world for it’s clean and well managed oil and gas legacy – it’s time that that legacy was celebrated here at home too.

4) The state of the province’s healthcare system remains a top issue for voters. What has to be done to make our system more responsive to the needs of Albertans?

Wantenaar: A total review of the AHS management structure, organization, and administration is needed and the ‘fat’ needs to be trimmed which would result in huge savings. Also Private Healthcare should be allowed and encouraged for those that can afford it; this will help to alleviate some of the stress on the current system. Rural areas should have equal access to primary and secondary healthcare – things need to move away from centralization, i.e., ambulance stations need to be local (everywhere).

5) Do you have a vision of what this province will look like in ten years and what does this look like?

Wantenaar: My future vision for Alberta is to see people truly prospering and enjoying the fruits of their labour. To see the oil and gas flourishing again and farming without detrimental, government interference. I  would like to see our children being kept truly safe in mind, body and soul – no inappropriate ideologies being forced upon them. Finally, a justice system that properly aligns with the ‘Charter of Rights and Freedoms’.

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