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There is No Such Thing

Posted on April 11, 2014 by Sunny South News

It’s getting just a bit wearisome that every second media advertisement promises wonderful “anti” aging miracles for your skin or your hair or your body.

In one commercial the model actually says “it’s me, only younger”. Using a particular lotion, cream, elixir, injection, treatment or even surgery is not going to make that happen. In my dictionary “anti” means resistant or against and modern science has not yet perfected anything that can truly resist aging. It’s a natural process through which every living organism cycles. In humans it is not only chronological but also a psychological, social and cultural progression. Living, growing, learning and aging is how we evolve. It keeps all species healthy and adaptive. Apparently though it doesn’t matter how many blueberries, avocados, Chinese mushrooms or green tea you consume, perpetual youth will not be the outcome. Wouldn’t it be scary if that actually happened? It would certainly be very bad news for pension plans and old age security funding. But, worse than that, it would be disastrous for our society. Think of the complete stagnation that would result from the same business leaders, politicians and executives around the world remaining in their place for many more decades (or even forever). There would be no encouragement for new innovations, theories, inventions or technologies that might threaten their positions.

The search for the Fountain of Youth, or something similar, is part of historical legends in countries around the world. India, Spain, the Middle East and the Caribbean all have records of individuals searching for the body of water that restores youth to the bather or drinker. Conquistador Ponce de Leon spent decades in Florida in the 1500’s searching through the swamps and everglades in a vain attempt to locate it. And the fable continues to intrigue us today.  The fourth installment of the popular movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” has Johnny Depp’s character involved in maintaining the myth.

There are no real secrets to feeling alive and healthy into our later years but many researchers believe that being engaged, active and fully participating in the world around you is imperative. Meditation can be helpful to some and exercise is beneficial for us all. I know I feel most fantastic when I am centered in the present moment enjoying life about me (looking forward to Spring in my flower beds!). It seems that attitude has a significant role to play. Having a purpose, feeling productive and exhibiting a positive coping style adds to our quality of life and helps banish fearful and negative thoughts about how quickly time is going by. If there is a therapy that makes you feel more youthful and that in turn results in successful aging, good for you. Time moves only forward and we should too (just not as quickly as we did in our twenties). Each of us has a different starting place so we must do the best we can to make that the very best place to begin exploring new dimensions within ourselves.

The reflection in the mirror certainly confirms that as we travel life’s journey, our skin loses firmness and elasticity due to the decreased production of collagen. But I’m inclined to agree with philosopher Will Rogers – “Some people try to turn back their odometer. Not me; I want people to know why I look this way. I’ve travelled a long way and some of the roads weren’t paved.”

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