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Posted on January 6, 2015 by Sunny South News

Christmas has come and gone and as the New Year begins, many of us follow the tradition of making resolutions to change or modify our lives. 

New Year’s resolutions began back in the time of the Roman Empire.  They hoped their sacrifices and good conduct during January would please their God of beginnings, Janus. Even then they knew better than to promise good conduct for a whole year. Since he was believed to be a two-headed g-God, he could look backwards and forwards at the same time — missing nothing (When I was a kid I believed my mom had the ability to do that as well).

In talking with friends over the holidays, I heard many make wishes for a better year and lament over their disappointments in 2014. When questioned further, it became apparent they had several, if not many, marvelous happenings in their lives last year but chose to focus on the negative ones.

I hope that is neither a sign of the times nor a sign of a particular aging group of baby boomers — I am not going to accept that as it is a little too close to home for me thanks.

In England, custom says an open door allows the old year to slip out and a new one to enter. I wonder if keeping an open mind would allow disagreeable thoughts to slip out and happier ones to enter.

Setting new goals and having great expectations for the coming year is a wonderful idea provided they are realistic and, at least mostly, achievable. I marvel at people who resolve to do things which seem to me to be inconceivable, yet through their own determination, accomplish them. But these are not the norm, most resolution-makers appear to be setting themselves up for failure and recognize this as they set the goal — “I know I’ll never do this, but I should …”

Forfeit is fine if we learn from it and deal with the collapse with a sense of humour.

Perhaps the lesson to be learned is to make resolutions with an understanding of the people and personalities who might affect the outcome. If only you can make the difference and you are dedicated, then the pledge will probably be fulfilled. But, if other people can side-track or sabotage you, then possibly this is not the way to go.

I can resolve to look on the bright side of life when the situation demands, but I cannot force others around me to deal with the same situation in the same way — I can certainly make suggestions though.

I heard a doctor once remark he views a difficult case (or difficult patient) as a lesson sent to help him become a better healer and a better person.

This is a splendid philosophy since it reduces the tendency to be judgmental or biased about the case (or the person).

So I am resolved to accept with gratitude the lessons I will be sent in 2015 and to recognize my life is enriched with every encounter I have with others. At this time next year I hope I will be able to celebrate each triumph the upcoming year will bring.

And for all of you, my wish is your successes outweigh anything negative which you may encounter.

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