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2022 blockades

Posted on February 8, 2022 by Sunny South News

Dear Editor

I am confounded how many UCP and Conservative politicians espouse justice and personal freedom values but enact legislation to curtail these. The Critical Infrastructure Defense Act (illegal to block critical supply routes); Provincial Administrative Penalties Act (eliminating traffic court), Election Statutes Act (banning affiliate advertising and providing campaign donations loopholes) and the Public Sector Wage Deferral Act, illustrate examples in the provincial realm.  Issuing a ministerial order for control of the Alberta Teachers Retirement Fund, considering amending the Municipal Government Act to limit powers, and proposing replacing the RCMP with an insanely expensive provincial police force does not paint a picture of freedom.  All this control facilitation is done while distracting the populace by fueling hate through anti-federalism rhetoric and adversary stances towards Alberta workers.

The Coutts border and in Ottawa trucker groups are participating in illegal blockades -not protests.  If First Nations, women, visible minorities, the disabled and environmentalists were to act similarly, there would be swift retribution. Instead, Conservative MP’s and UCP MLA’s appear to support these activities.

It is hard, but important to know, the blockade participants and supporters are   decent and good people.  Hard, as we see ignorance, hate, violence and disrespect to flags and property demonstrated. It’s hard to respect folks who don’t respect others, who challenge mandates and who choose selfishness ahead of concern for the vulnerable.

The trucker blockades’ participants and support groups are also victims: Victims of conspiracy theories, warped freedom definitions, misinformation and hate, relying on social media for news.  How devastating to be banned from Facebook and not receive news!  Even MP, Rachael Thomas, may be a victim of this misinformation, when suggesting more vaccinated than unvaccinated people were being admitted to hospital.

I do admire a section of UCP and Conservative politicians, whose manifesting leadership has emerged during difficult Covid times. However, unless we work together to define and protect what is really freedom, we will all lose significantly in some way.

Barb Goertzen

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