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The anti-social media network

Posted on December 13, 2013 by Sunny South News

Social media should be called anti-social media, as it divides humans between those technologically advanced and those social media awkward. Technology advanced humans tend to think they need to be connected 24-hours a day and seven days a week… but they don’t. Or do they?

Facebook friends, Twitter pals, text buddies, e-mail chums — the list goes on but why is it humans don’t aspire to meet up in person, face-to-face in today’s tech-obsessed world? Work and play are now one in the same. Technology advanced humans work from home or the local coffee shop or from their car, (hopefully when not in drive), while home has become — the office.

Being connected means being disconnected from actual communication between two people or more. Sure technology advanced humans can connect via the Internet in some shape or form or through cellular means but at what cost? Maybe it’s okay. Maybe George Orwell didn’t know what he was talking about and big brother isn’t watching us or at the very least having the capability to eavesdrop into our everyday lives. But… we make it so easy — posting our whereabouts, telling our tales and being candid about everything. Privacy is a thing of the past, an archaic right, no longer prevalent in today’s advanced world. It begs to ask the question — are humans advanced or is progress de-evolving, as humans supposedly move forward into 2014?

Okay, so maybe the tech-obsessed world in which humans live isn’t as harsh as it seems. Technology has assisted in breaking down barriers and has helped spark revolution. Technology has also made many humans co-dependent on their gadgets that preach a wireless religion.

Will humans ever leave cellphones, tablets and laptops at home or at the workplace? Will cellphones, tablets and laptops ever lose the grip devices seem to have on a user’s throat? The allure of being connected is one of mankind’s basic needs. To be attached to others, to hook up, to procreate and to live a happy life. But… humans have somewhat become detached to others and to reality.

Without technology humans would be living in the dark ages. Technological advancement has made the world somewhat smarter, while some technological advancement could be attributed to the decline of Western Civilization. Many humans are guilty as charged but many humans reject the fact of a reliance on their machines, while some rage against the man-made machines.

Perhaps one day a balance will be found — a peaceful co-existence between man and machine. Or at the very least a human’s ability to use moderation and not overdose on technology — left empty and cold.

A robot searching for its instructions… to be connected.

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