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Being a hoser is one of Canada’s greatest things eh?

Posted on June 30, 2015 by Sunny South News

Oh Canada — a country worth celebrating. Each Canadian province has its very own uniqueness and charm, from P.E.I. to British Columbia and northward — Canada has a plethora of culture, natural beauty and top-notch resources and marketability. It is a country founded on diversity, know how and a desire for world peace. Happy Birthday Canada.
Canada’s East Coast has fisheries, breathtaking landscapes, and the friendliest of neighbours. Quebec and Ontario supplies Canadians with the country’s second language, maple syrup, industry, and is home to the country’s federal government. Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the gateway to the West and has the Forks in Winnipeg and a heck of a lot of history plus Corner Gas took place in Dog River, a fictitious community in Saskatchewan. Alberta has an abundance of farmland and agricultural-related industry and oil and gas plus the Calgary Stampede. The West Coast, Vancouver and Victoria especially, supplies Canada with many industries and is a major port of commerce. B.C. also has some of the best fruit on the planet.
Canada has sports, entertainment and many cultures to highlight the country’s greatness. Who would have thought a sport featuring a puck on a sheet of ice hit around with a wooden stick would occupy many Canadians’ hours of spare time — on TV and in arenas across the country. Montreal is home to one of the most historic teams in hockey — the Canadiens. Canada is also home to the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames and more plus Gretzky and Fleury.
Entertainment-wise Canada’s homegrown heroes include comic gems such as Dan Akroyd, Martin Short, Kids in the Hall, Bob and Doug Mackenzie, Jim Carrey and so many more. Music-wise The Tragically Hip, Rush, Nickelback, Bryan Adams, Michael Buble, and so many more represent Canada in the music department.
Business-wise Canadians have their Tim Hortons, The Bay, and Molson Canadian beer and its subsidiaries.
Then there’s the stereotypes most Canadians have embraced. Typically, Canadians are regarded as friendly and a peaceful sort plus we supposedly say “eh” a lot, eh? Canada is covered in snow 24/7 and 365 days a year — I guess those who believe this stereotype have never been to Alberta, B.C. or Ontario in the summer. Yes, some winters are crazily cold and bitter and some Canadians wear toques and mittens, as not to get frostbite. The double double is indeed a great Canadian resource and so is our maple syrup and poutine (if made properly).
This Canada Day take some time to be grateful for what Canada has to offer. Express gratitude for the awesomeness that is Canada.
Canadians are part of a great nation — which is complete with toque-wearing, double-double sipping, poutine eating, maple syrup slathering people. Oh Canada — we love you.

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