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Kick stress to the curb this summer

Posted on August 4, 2015 by Sunny South News

Stress, of all shapes and sizes, is killing Albertans, Canadians and earthlings at an alarming rate. If not killing, then maiming considerably. Which, is not good news for the world. Earthlings are crippled from stress on a daily basis, whether it be from work, home life, life in general and stress can come in any disguise. Its sinister face lurking in the shadows to take each and every one of us down — one notch at a time. Stress has no boundaries or doesn’t discriminate — it dibilitates us all equally, except every case of stress is individualized and neatly wrapped in a special package addressed to each and every one of us. Everyone has had stress at some point in their life. If they say they haven’t — they’re lying.
Stress eats away at us — leaving us vunerable to so many ailments, while we try to conquer it, whatever the label shall be. The term “sick and tired” is most of the world’s unflattering mantra. We are sick of our jobs, our stations in life, our lots in life. We simply need a break from the monotony that has become the hum drum life in which we live. Stress — back off and get your own sandwich.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a vaccine for stress — to eradicate it worldwide? Doctors and researchers found a way to rid the world of diseases but sadly, there is no cure for stress or stress-related issues. One can only learn how to cope and to alleviate stress from their busy lives. It doesn’t seem to matter what coping mechanisms or tools from the toolbox are utlized for stress reduction — stress seems to poke its head out at any given time or place.
Breathe. Take time for yourself. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s always the little things in life. These are all sayings brought to you by stress. Stress is the ultimate villian, sneaking up on you and laying you flat on your face. Thinking, what the heck just happened? It angers us, it frustrates us and it makes us feel helpless and out of control. Anxiety is in kids, teens, adults to seniors. Even cats and dogs have anxiety. It’s a real thing. Life is too short to let stress win.
It’s often easier said than done. Our lives have become more of rat race — time is limited, while we try to be superheroes and bend the space time continuum. During a day we turn into Hulks, mad at the world, while we attend to the chores of the day whether it be employment-related or home stuff. We work long shifts and put our all into jobs that in the end will just leave us tattered and torn and worn out. Employers will also get rid of us at any given time for any given reason, we are expendable. So, why worry. Be happy like a Minion wrecking havoc on the world but in a good way. Money is a stressor. Marriage is a stressor. Kids are a stressor. Not working is a stressor. Having a crappy job with short pay is a stressor. And the list goes on and on and on.

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