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Is it time for Canadians to take out the trash?

Posted on August 25, 2015 by Sunny South News

As Alberta changed governments earlier this year from what to some seemed like an eternity of Conservative rule to NDP — Canada’s government could also use a change this fall.
No matter what political party is in power, too many terms can mean a definite wear-out factor, as constituents become sick and tired of the monotony. The current Conservative government, with Harper at the helm, is at a crossroads and should count itself lucky for its self-proclaimed ‘glory years’ and perhaps move on. Harper’s Heroes can then gear up for a future win after another political party takes the lead for a few years, whether it’s the Liberals, NDP or Green Party or what have you.
Canadians, many of them, have Conservative burn-out much like many Albertans did earlier this year. When the NDPs took Alberta by storm, it was a breath of fresh air the morning after the provincial election, even though some staunch dedicated and loyal Conservatives’ dreams were squashed.
Many Canadians, no doubt, would enjoy a non-Harper Government, as the Conservatives have called it for a long period of time — even though it has always been and always will be the Government of Canada — governed by ‘we the people’ rather than one guy in a suit and his political party of choice. Canadians often seem to forget it’s the electorate that runs the country. We pay the bills, we elect an official to represent our needs and wants and not the other way around, but it seems it is the other way around, the government has seemed to forget that. That, needs to change.
Canadians must take back what is rightfully theirs — the country. For too long, politicians have called the shots and have gone rogue with their own and party’s agendas being the first and foremost.
Right now, politicians wanting a shot in the big leagues are prancing around the provinces and across the country promising this and promising that, in hopes of getting a vote. Where’s the Harper Government now? The so-called ‘government’ is out kissing Canadian bootie, while not running the country like it should. It just so happens it’s the Harper Government at this point in time. Before that, it was whatever other political party was in power. This isn’t the first time the elected government was out schmoozing the electorate before an election, it has almost become a tradition, sadly. And Canadians should demand it to stop.
It’s 2015 and the election and political process needs to be examined. It needs to be retro-fitted. It needs to get a good kick in the butt. Canadians need to step up and take responsibility for letting it slip and slide out of Canadian voters’ hands. The Canadian government, no matter what political party is in power, is greasy. But for some reason the squeaky wheel (the government) doesn’t get oiled, especially with all that excess grease slathered all over Ottawa.
What then, can Canadians do to eliminate the pests — politicians in power? For one thing, vote. Each and every election apathy is the new black. Many Canadians, young and old, could care less about an election. They are tired of the same old same old. They have become numb. That’s not a good thing for Canada. Don’t those in political power worry about that notion or care? Does the Harper Government even realize many Canadians don’t seem to give a gosh darn about the country which is slowly heading down the toilet?
Obviously, those in political power don’t seem to get it. Canadians, including governmental-types, need to collectively get with the program before the program gets turfed. There is so much riding on the game. The loss, could be devastating to one of the greatest countries in the world — Canada.
Canada, our home and native land. Canadians — get out to vote, speak out about pressing issues and concerns and help be the change.

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