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Consider the following, as you head to the polls

Posted on October 6, 2015 by Sunny South News

Dear Editor:
Too many Canadians are facing an uncertain future, as jobs continue to be lost, and the overall cost of living continues to escalate.
Home ownership is at an all-time low. The price of groceries is unparalleled, as prices continue to increase and the packaging of food continues to decrease.
The costs of rent and utilities are exorbitant. School fees, bus fees, and the price of shoes and clothes for children are ridiculous.
As we face a federal election in a few weeks consider the following:
*Canada’s profile internationally — How is Canada perceived by major world powers?
*What does Canada manufacture? Are we competitive on the world markets?
*Why is the Canadian dollar unable to compete with world currency?
*Foreign ownership of Canadian resources. The following are just the tip of the iceberg: Shell Oil owned by Royal Dutch Shell, MacMillan Bloedel (a B.C. giant forest industry) owned by U. S. Weyerhaeuser, Canadian Pacific Hotels owned by firms in Saudi Arabia and CaliforniA, Nexen Inc. – Beijing, China, Nissan Canada – Japan, Canadian National Railway – 2/3 owned by U. S., Wal Mart – United States, Costco – United States, Addax Petroleum – Sinopec of China, Progress Energy Resources – owned by Petronas of Malaysia, Canadian hockey companies have been taken over by Nike and Reebok and Imperial Oil – controlled by ExxonMobil in Texas.
*Entitlement of all those in any way, shape, or form employed in government insisting on maintaining their status quo?
*How is it possible to produce a budget with projected income?
*Foreign ownership of our land is another horror story.
In 2004, foreign controlled corporations operating revenues averaged $96 million dollars. In comparison, Canadian controlled counterparts reported revenues of $2 million dollars.
Remember, remember, campaign promises are not presents.
Yours truly,
N. Zobell
Past Coaldale resident

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