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Voting should be as Canadian as a double-double, poutine and maple syrup

Posted on October 14, 2015 by Sunny South News

Well Canada, it’s less than a week before the next Canadian federal election. No doubt, many Canadians have already chosen a candidate or political party to represent their constituency and similar political platform, beliefs, dreams, hopes and aspirations of a, it is hoped, a better Canada.
Some Canadians might have already headed to the advance polls set up across the country for those voters who can’t vote this upcoming Monday.
On Oct. 19, Canadians from coast-to-coast and from south to north will cast their vote, well hopefully a majority of Canadians will.
Many Canadians eligible to vote, simply choose not to or are bored with the democratic process or, at the very least, sick and tired of the same old same old in politicians and voter apathy tends to be strong each election moving forward — or though it seems. Not voting is not moving forward — in any way, shape or form.
It’s not as if there hasn’t been a nauseating amount of pre-election media and social media coverage — it has been forever since the writ was dropped, allowing political leaders and local candidates plenty of time to get out amongst the populace to highlight their party’s platform and their personal agendas, which hopefully represent the constituency each candidate is running in.
To vote is to voice an opinion, even if that opinion often goes unheard or a vote doesn’t count for possible change. Canadians have heard it all before. Even though a Canadian heads to the polls and selects a candidate, to best suit their wants and needs, he/she might be disillusioned because of the past blunders of political leaders of elections past.
Or, some Canadian voters may feel okey dokey with their choice and are 100 per cent positive their vote will count and their plight will be addressed and/or, at the very least, heard by someone, somewhere.
Political all-candidates forums have been held throughout municipalities across Canada, ranging from different groups and organizations hosting said forums.
Of course, each community has their very own unique concerns and desires but Canadians, as a whole, have a collective set of gripes and grievances to be rectified at some point in time by elected leaders.
Immigration from Syria, the Pacific Rim trade deal, food supply management, the economy, rebuilding infrastructure, better wages, job creation, legalizing pot — these are just some of the hot collective topics in the craniums of a plethora of Canadians. If this was the United States, perhaps gun control could be one of the big hot topic issues to be addressed? Luckily, Canada doesn’t seem to have to worry about gun control measures, at this time.
Being an informed Canadian voter is quite easy in today’s day and age, if you can crawl out from the deep, dark negative abyss created by party against party and all the sort of promises made by politicians, if elected.
Newspapers, online and social media outlets, television, mailouts, brochures, forums and whatever other creative device used — gives Canadian voters a chance to learn about potential suitors/suitor-ettes come an election. Take a few minutes out of your day on Oct. 19 and vote. Canada needs you.

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