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Canadian voters advocate for change in Ottawa

Posted on October 27, 2015 by Sunny South News

Canada sure got a whole bunch of change the evening of Oct. 19, as the Liberal Party of Canada under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, creamed the federal Conservatives nationally.
Locally, many Conservative candidates including Rachael Harder were elected as MPs. What does this mean for Canada?
Well, first off, many Canadians thought it was time to turn the page for an alternate ending to the Conservative’s reign. Many voters strategically voted for those candidates to best suit a change. Many Canadians and Albertans voted — that, in itself, is great news for democracy. It was win-win for Canadians, except for maybe leaders of the Conservative Party of Canada and Bloc Quebecois. Their leaders decided to step down after losing their bids for the top spot in Canada’s government including Canada’s previous PM, Stephen Harper.
It seems to be a trend, especially for Conservative parties in Canada, both provincially and federally, for fearless leaders to run with their tails between their legs in defeat. Oh well, change is good — change brings about progress. An evolving country is a progressive one.
Many Canadians, no doubt, breathed a great big sigh of relief the morning of Oct. 20 and others, most likely, licked their wounds and stared blankly at TV screens, online and at newspapers — wondering what the heck just happened.
Southern Alberta has been staunchly Conservative for many a decade, with the odd change here and there but it was incredibly surprising to see such change in regards to the provincial NDPs taking over the helm at the Legislature in Edmonton and now the Liberals calling many of the shots in Ottawa. Unsettling to some voters, no doubt too.
PM-designate Trudeau has a lot of work to do in the coming months. Canada has a plethora of problems to solve and figure out. But, it’s always been that way. Many naysayers said during the election Trudeau was too young to run the country but being young is probably one of the reasons why many Canadian voters voted for him in the first place. Yes, Canada will go through changes, like it does each and every election. Alberta is still going through its growing pains with the newly elected NDP government. There will be Canadians who don’t like the direction the country may go under the new government or may not agree with certain policies and procedures but then again the same could be said about the Conservative rule under Harper. There were many Canadians at wit’s end waiting for someone to pull the plug on Harper’s long-lasting legacy.
It didn’t seem to matter much which political party defeated the Conservatives this time around federally — it could have very well been the NDPs, the Bloc, the Green Party or even the Rhino Party.
Many Canadians wanted to see an end to the Harper Government, as was touted while Stephen Harper was in charge. It is and always will be the government of Canada.
Yes, Rachel Harder was elected as Lethbridge riding’s latest Conservative recruits, which will cover Lethbridge County constituents. Before Harder, Jim Hillyer was elected to represent local issues (some have said misrepresent). Harder will have to re-establish trust in the constituency, as she brings concerns and ideas to Ottawa from the Lethbridge riding. She brings with her though a fresh perspective and it is hoped she will represent the populace, especially those who voted Conservative Oct. 19. There are many issues facing Lethbridge riding residents, both rural and urban. Many municipalities will be approaching Harder in the weeks to come for her helping hand or for her to simply lend an ear.
The Conservatives are the Official Opposition in Canada. It is also hoped, the newly elected Liberal government will listen to “We the People.” And, do the right thing for Canada, as a whole. There’s a song entitled, “I’d Love To Change The World” — many Canadians had the opportunity to help change, shape and/or form the future of Canada this month. It may not be the world but it’s a start. Hopefully, a fresh new start, with hope and prosperity.

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