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Change creates a healthy dose of politics

Posted on January 26, 2016 by Sunny South News

With change, it’s inevitable there won’t be any growing pains or those not too keen on said change. Issues facing the world are often cyclical in nature and Canada and Alberta seem to bounce back each and every time. Not necessarily unscathed but better for it. Again, many would agree to disagree on this notion.
Alberta and Canada wanted change in 2015 moving forward into 2016 and onward. A new government, both in Alberta and in Canada, has prompted Albertans and Canadians to notice things weren’t as rosy as once thought in many aspects of Albertan and Canadian life. All the woes facing Alberta and Canada didn’t happen over night and took years in the making to eventually break the seal to seep up from beneath the surface.
Every few years the economy takes a plunge, one sector or another faces turbulent times, prices fluctuate, people grow angry and then the cycle changes direction and/or reaches its peak and life turns around, for the most part. Sometimes, there are casualties for which there are no excuses, other than the luck of the draw. Life still remains a conundrum. Twists, turns and snakes and ladders.
Throughout history, leaders have led its recruits to the slaughter and have truly led its recruits to victory, when applicable. Replace “recruits” with citizens. For over four decades Alberta was led by one political party. Many of today’s troubles in the province can be attributed to the governing party of yesterday. Neglect, bad choices, or what have you can be a plausible reason. Any person/political party responsible for taking over a sinking ship can be afforded the luxury of being cut a little slack by its electorate. In the United States, Obama had to do damage control on what has been touted as one of the worst times for America under the questionable leadership of George. W. Bush. The same could be said about the dire straits Alberta was in, like it or not, prior to the fall election. Alberta was in rough shape, but nobody seemed to take notice until the issues became apparent after all was said and done.
Canada, as a whole, was heading down a dark path too. Again, Canada’s woes were years in the making and anyone taking over leadership would have to control some of the damage. Both in Canada and in Alberta, it seems one political party was the culprit, without naming names. No matter what your political slant, it is apparent and needs to be addressed.
Moving forward, perhaps this series of fortunate events (unfortunate to some) can be a wake up call for Canadians and Albertans. It can’t be all cut, cut, cut and then spend, spend, spend. There needs to be balance and moderation. Half way through, both the NDP’s and the Liberal’s terms, perhaps both parties can take a look at the state of the province and country to make sure things are on track for a more even playing field for the future of the citizens calling the province and Canada home. The damage has been done Alberta and Canada.
Now, is the time for the province and country to turn things around. Sure, there will be some ruffled feathers and letting sleeping dogs lie, isn’t necessarily the answer either. Each political party representing the province and Canada over the years has played their part in the way the province and country has been formed. Both, provincially and federally this past year, new political parties were elected to change the way things were being run. People fear change. They become content and complacent with the way things are done and it becomes behaviourial. It’s good to shake up the pot every once in a while — to stir things up and get the juices flowing, so to speak. But with change, comes hesitance, misunderstanding, and stubborness.
Evolving is part of the natural cycle. To evolve, is to become better and improved. Growing and learning is what makes change a positive, as long as those part of the change are aware of their responsibilities to make the change for the betterment of the rest — for a healthier tomorrow.

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