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Promises broken fuelled by money not well spent

Posted on February 24, 2016 by Sunny South News

Following U.S. politics is forever nauseating, mind-frying and simply exhausting — as the circus sideshow continues to entice American voters, as they lap up the pure drivel from bottomless cesspool puddles of campaign promises.
Political wannabes parade and showboat their wares and wonders to the electorate, in hopes of securing a spot at the big boy/big girl table this fall. This sickening display will be part of the American psyche, as Americans head to the polls to elect a new leader of the United States in many months from now, but campaigning has felt like an eternity already, much like Canada’s long haul federal election.
Whether an American is Republican, Democrat, Independent or whatever political party floats the boat— the cast of characters vying for their fellow Americans’ affections is not pretty and proper. A great label for American politics is electing a “Republi-Crat,” as coined by Ethan Hawke in the movie “Reality Bites,” as both are often one in the same but with different players.
Of course, Trump and Clinton are forerunners, leading up to the gate. But Trump, is indeed, a bizarre choice for Americans in a leader. Or maybe he isn’t. He plays the role as arrogant, ignorant, politically incorrect and has really, really bad hair. Or at least he seems to play this part in the media. Our Canadian leader is the polar opposite of Trump, especially in the hair department.
Perhaps Trump’s lackeys could enrol him in a few etiquette classes to whip him into shape for 2016. The world has come a long way, Trump seems to have been lost in translation.
Clinton could be the first woman to hold the reins in the United States. It’s been a long time coming and would be a perfect segue from the first African/American to hold the top office. The U.S. does not need another old man from the out-dated and stuffy ‘ol boys’ club of the past at the helm. For some reason, youth is not part of this year’s election vocabulary but it should be. And it rarely ever is.
Sadly, Obama will hand over the keys to the White House after this fall’s election. Right now though, North Americans should count themselves lucky having Trudeau and Obama in the driver’s seat — while both countries and the world is under pressure from a plethora of pressing issues. The world is falling apart but it’s good to know our leaders have our back, right?
But, what is alarming, is the amount of money candidates spend on campaigning — both in the U.S. and Canada. Millions upon millions of dollars down the drain and if you’re the loser — nothing to show for it. Wouldn’t campaign dollars be better spent on saving the world?
All politicians spout out about their caring ways and how this and that needs saving, so why not put the money where the mouth is. Instead of wasting millions upon millions of dollars to perhaps secure a spot as a political party’s official nominee and a top leader hopeful, why not use the money wisely and where it can truly make a difference?
In the U.S. and Canada, there’s an endless list of worthy causes in each respective country, without having to cross a border. So often charities forget, charity begins at home and Canadian and American families need a helping hand from time to time too.
The amount of money squandered during election campaigns is unfathomable and it simply needs to stop. Money does not buy a good politician. Having money does not make a person a good politician. Quite frankly, it’s often the opposite.
Being of privilege, often does not make a politician a good candidate, as privileged politicians have lost touch with the common woman/man. They have often forgot what really matters and many have an agenda to make even more money for them personally or for their highly influential friends.
Politics need to change before politicians ruin North America to the point of no return. North Americans are on the edge of the abyss. One clumsy misstep and it’s all over. North Americans indeed need a hero but it’s not in a politician.
Being a spectator at the main event (U.S. election) is a time to witness the worst of the worst, when it should be the best of the best vying for the electorate’s vote.
It’s similar to a police lineup after a mugging. Instead of a voter’s wallet, the politician waiting behind the glass is guilty of taking the voter’s trust, hopes, dreams and aspirations and stomping on them in the dirt. Each and every one is sketchy at best.
Money isn’t everything but to politicians the un-Godly dollar seems to matter most and fuels their interests. Have a conscience politicians and spend campaign dollars on something more worthwhile than parading around personal faults.

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