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Dear moms: Thank you for being you

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Sunny South News

Mothers were celebrated last week with Mother’s Day but moms across the globe should be celebrated each and every day.
Leading up to Mother’s Day, many sons, daughters and grand kids pick out the perfect gift for their loved ones. For those with mothers no longer with us, Mother’s Day can be a difficult time but the times well spent with moms are cherished and remembered fondly.
It is a reminder, for those with moms still with us, to cherish those fond memories growing up and in adulthood with moms — to remember and to create a smile.
A son has a special bond with his mom. A daughter has a special bond too. Moms are caring, selfless, loving and without a doubt — want what is best for their son, daughter and grand kids. Moms go out of their way to show their children how much they are loved. Moms are great listeners and try to make it all better, if times are tough. Moms need to be told how much they are loved, too.
When a mom is no longer with us, a piece becomes missing from life. When a mom is no longer a part of everyday life, it is both sad but also hopefully, you learned the morals to the stories from your mom.
You miss her hugs, her pecks on the cheek, forehead or the top of the head. You miss sitting around talking about life, joking around and just being mom, son or daughter. Grand kids miss out on all those times too.
A mom is indeed a special woman. Moms do it because they are moms. Sure, moms have it tough sometimes. Kids aren’t perfect. We, growing up, no doubt pushed our mothers’ buttons to the brink of almost blowing a gasket. And for that, we are sorry. But it was a part of growing up. We hopefully learned a thing or two about life to pass along to our own kids.
When we were sick, our moms made sure we had the essentials — TV, tucked in, medicine and plenty of food, water and treats. When we got hurt, our moms consoled us and put bandages on our wounds. Moms made us breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moms made sure we were equipped for the day and night, like clockwork. Moms made it all happen.
Some, didn’t have moms growing up or their moms weren’t in the picture. That is tragic.
But, this editorial was written for the moms that went the distance — for the moms that kicked mom butt — 24/7, 365 days a year and come rain, hail, snow, sleet or shine.
Back in the day on the Boob Tube there were moms like June Cleaver, Carol Brady, Marion Cunningham and Mrs. Huxtable. On today’s Boob Tube there’s Kitty Foreman, Marge Simpson, Peggy Bundy and Beverly Goldberg.
Take your mom out for coffee or tea, breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner — just to spend some time. Make time for your mom, if you can, a few times a week — she will truly appreciate it. And do it, before it becomes too late and she is no longer around to enjoy her smile, her laugh and her love.
If you think, should I go see my mom? Do it, because more often than not, things happen and you will regret not taking the time to visit, even if it is for just a few minutes in your day.

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