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Smoking pot in Canada could be legal and lucrative

Posted on April 4, 2017 by Sunny South News

Canada may be considered even more laid back, relaxed and passively aggressive after the federal government moves towards legalizing weed by 2018. Many Canadians will rejoice, while others cringe at the thought of pot being legal in Canuck Country. Just think of the tourist and tax dollars such a move will help inflate. There are a few sides to the proposal.
One side are the Canadians who already enjoy the drug and support legalizing it. One side are the Canadians who don’t partake in the drug, but are in support of its legalization. One side are the Canadians against the whole idea of supporting such a measure and there are those Canadians who could care less about the notion to legalize or not to legalize.
Every Canadian has a vice or go to. Something turned to in the time of need or want. The vice gets a person by or helps alleviate whatever ails them or at the very least subdues or masks the real issues. It could be liquor, a drug (prescription or otherwise), binge TV viewing, sabbaticals in far off places away from it all, religion, shopping, etc. Who are we to judge, really? Each and every Canadian has things they like, while others might not agree with it. That’s life. That’s reality. The fact is — tolerance, compromise, bending, shaping are all part of good human-ship. Nobody’s perfect and ignorance isn’t bliss.
Either for or against or impartial — the legalization of the reefer is allowing Canadians to have a choice in a matter highly controversial in some circles. But, legalizing pot could benefit the country, as a whole. Taxes are good and ‘sin’ taxes are usually good for keeping a nation afloat. Sure, there may be some consequences. With everything and anything there’s good and bad. Why would the legalizing of pot be any different? There are many opinions on the hot button topic.
Yes, using drugs while driving is just like driving under the influence of alcohol. But, some Canadians use drugs now, while driving (prescription or otherwise). Legalizing it doesn’t necessarily change that. Some Canadians choose to drive while impaired and it’s against the law. The federal government or provincial governments will dictate how old a person can be to use pot and how much can be used will be decided by the powers that be and so on and so on. There’s still a lot to be ironed out in regards to the legalization of the marijuana. Again, users of the drug need to be an adult and right now in Canada many underage citizens partake in pot and booze recreationally, believe it or not.
Marijuana abuse, like any other types of abuse, can happen. But, legalizing a drug doesn’t make it so. Addictions happen and for those addicted it can be personally devastating and tragic for a family involved. Prohibiting something doesn’t make it go away. It still lurks waiting to strike those addicted to it, just elsewhere. Canadians being able to buy pot at a liquor store or regulated place of business or from a regulated seller (rather than a dealer) could be a step in the right direction.
People smoke, drink, buy lotto tickets, gamble, watch too much TV, go to church religiously, binge craft, pump iron, give in to diet crazes and the list goes on. Doing anything excessively can be detrimental to one’s health, if not kept in check. Moderate. Be mindful. Don’t use anything as a crutch.
Progressing as a nation is something Canada does quite regularly. Canada is a nation of so many great things, as it moves forward into 2018 and beyond.

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