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Responsible pet ownership requires effort

Posted on August 20, 2019 by Sunny South News

One does not have to look far to see organizations that care about animals with the In From the Cold Rescue Society and the Lost Paws Society.

Both organizations are looking towards more appropriate housing to tackle the task of animal control of cats and dogs while also serving as a bridge to finding these animals forever homes through adoption or foster homes.

To say these people who help run these organizations have hearts of gold would be an understatement.

But they can only do so much, and part of the reason why they exist in the first place is because of irresponsible pet ownership, where some of these animals these organizations serve as an intake for, are simply tossed aside when they prove to be too much of a hassle.

Everyone wants to be that Parent or Boyfriend of the Year, when they give that cute kitten or puppy with a bow tied around them at Christmas time.

But soon those cute puppies and kittens grow into something bigger, the euphoria of the holiday season wears off, and the reality sets in that adding a four-legged member to your family is an every-day commitment.

Pets require exercise, ample food, accessories and shelter, veterinarian care and spaying and neutering to control an already out-of-control pet population.

Pets need to be socialized for proper behaviour and also be groomed and bathed semi regularly.

If one truly sees a pet as an extended part of the family, all these things should be seen as a given and not a chore.

Bringing a dog, cat or any other pet into the household is not a decision that be made rashly, given the overall commitment that is required.

There are many reasons why an animal may be neglected or abandoned, be it one’s work schedule, lack of necessary funds to take care of the animal properly, family emergencies or at worst — pure laziness. Pets are simply not there to fill a temporary void of companionship when it is convenient, pets deserve just as much care and and attention as their human counterparts.

Before one takes on the responsibility of pet ownership at any level, they should do some serious introspection to see if they are up to it.

It would go a long way to cut down on the unwanted animals the Lost Paws Society and In From the Cold Rescue Society have to deal with, with fewer incidences of people realizing they bit off more than they could chew, and using these organizations as a quick fix by unloading the burden of animal care on someone else.

This editorial originated in The Taber Times.

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