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June 17, 2024 June 17, 2024

Transgender rules are crippling and punishing

Posted on April 4, 2024 by Sunny South News

Comments made by Hans Visser are nothing but insensitive, judgemental, and over-simplify a very complex issue. The suggestion “been there and done that” proves what? You struggled with gender identity, Hans? It seems your answer if you are struggling, is denial, go play baseball with your friends, and of course go to church. 

Some people believe that if you make young people aware of gender struggles, and educate them on sexuality, that the end result is they will “decide” to magically switch identities. They are convinced that the very awareness of gender issues is dangerous and therefore the subject is taboo and not to be discussed or recognized. 

And some believe, if you are struggling it is because you have lost your faith in God, and therefore must be punished. 

I can’t think of any problems or issues that have been resolved simply by denial. Nor can I think of a problem or issue that has been easier to resolve by ignoring it for years to let it fester.

I also find it so ironic that there is a belief that by stopping the use of puberty blockers, this allows young people to “grow out of it” before they must make a decision on gender. In fact the opposite is the case. Puberty blockers allow young people the time to develop, seek counselling, and in some cases treatment, without having to go through puberty. 

Educating our young people on gender and sexuality helps them understand the issues with facts. And that can never be wrong. I am convinced a lot of people’s fears are simply caused by ignorance. If you don’t understand something, it tends to scare you. So let’s educate our children. 

When I see these letters, and hear people’s discussions on this issue, I struggle to understand what they are so afraid of. I think the answer is simply an irrational fear of anything different than themselves. 

Bill McDonald, Monarch, Alta.

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