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June 23, 2024 June 23, 2024

UCP failing to preserve Alberta democracy

Posted on May 9, 2024 by Sunny South News

More and more, we see paternalistic policy from the UCP. I know many who would benefit from the national pharmacare program: diabetics who cannot afford medications and test supplies who progress to diabetic complications, and those who cannot afford birth control. Our provincial government claims Albertans have access to programs and do not need pharmacare coverage but this is not the case. I’ve tried, and help simply isn’t there, particularly for low-income people. Albertans should be able to choose to participate in federal pharmacare, not to mention the cost-saving benefits a pharmacare program would provide to our health system.

 Legislation in Alberta plans to introduce preventing organizations and municipalities from dealing with the federal government, illustrates a totalitarian mentality. Adding to their lust for control, is the desire of the UCP to implement party politics at the municipal level. This would result in organizations and municipal governments not UCP inclined, to have officials removed and to deny funding and benefits to these locations. Totalitarian regimes seek to control the private and political lives of their citizens. Hence also, the Alberta Provincial Police and the Alberta Pension Plan (APP). True democracy ensures the protection of natural rights and civil liberties – which seem to me to be threatened with all these measures to take control of our lives. Alberta’s rejection of a unified court system further erodes the safety of Albertans by increasing trial postponements.

The Open Government Project (OGP), with a membership of some 54 countries, promotes transparency in governments with a goal of reducing corruption, corresponding to increasing democratic processes. Past OGP forums from underdeveloped countries include results of transparent bidding procedures and instances of sincere stakeholder consultation to implement health and agricultural projects. In contrast, the sham of the APP survey/consultation and the Alberta government’s appeal of a judge’s ruling ordering release of internal documents on coal mining in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains is alarming.  Though Alberta, rich province that it is, should be a leader in open government and democracy, it appears to want to take us back to the dark ages.

Barb Goertzen

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