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Sponsors needed for 3rd Coaldale Scouts event

Posted on September 10, 2019 by Sunny South News

Scouts planning on putting on history race for a fundraiser and Coaldale 100

By Nikki Jamieson
Sunny South News

The 3rd Coaldale Scouts is looking for sponsors for a fall Coaldale 100 event.

The scouts plan on holding a Coaldale Historical Race in the downtown core of Coaldale in late October as both a Coaldale 100 event and a fundraiser. Mark Luschinski, group commissioner for the 3rd Coaldale Scouts, said that a similar race had taken place in Coaldale in the 1980s.

“I remember seeing people run around downtown collecting stamps (for the race). So, with the inspiration of Coaldale 100, we thought, ‘well, let’s do the same kind of thing’,” said Luschinski.

“It  was something from Coaldale’s history that nobody does anymore, and… we’re using it as a major fundraiser.”

The race is planned for Oct. 26 in the afternoon. Participants will be given a pamphlet with a list of questions on historical Coaldale, that will see them visit different checkpoints in the downtown core.

At each checkpoint they successfully visit, they will receive a stamp, and whoever gets all their stamps wins.

To prevent one group from simply following another to get their stamps, each sheet will feature questions in different orders and participants will have to solve their questions in order.

The clues will be drawn from the historical facts that the town has been promoting each week, so if you are familiar with them, then you will do well in the race.

“It’s kind of like the Amazing Race — on your mark, set, go, and everyone goes out,” said Luschinski.  “We’re going to do it just in the downtown core, for safety reasons. We don’t want people speeding around town going to other locations, we want people to do it on foot.”

First place will be a luxury trip for two to Banff; second place is a trip for two to Waterton, and third place is $500 Coaldale dollars, which can be spent at businesses in Coaldale. Door prizes will also be available.

As October is a month where there wasn’t much going on in terms of activities in town, they decided to hold the race then. However, in order to do so, they need businesses to sponsor the race.

“Without business support, we can’t run it,” said Luschinski.

“We need at least 30 businesses to sponsor it. We would love it if all of them will do it, but we need at least 30.”

There are two levels of sponsorship for the race.

Level 1 is $150, which will get your business name on the race cards.

Level 2 is $250, which will get your business name on the race cards and an advertisement at one of the 15-20 checkpoints in the race, after that, it is an extra $25 per checkpoint.

They are also asking businesses to donate either a gift or certificate from your place of business to be given out as door prizes.

Businesses are asked to contact Luschinski at for sponsorship opportunities.

Luschinski said that if the race is a success this year, the 3rd Coaldale Scouts will make it an annual fundraiser to help raise funds for their camps.

Registration for racers opened last week, and racers can register online at The last opportunity to register for the race will be at the Pumpkins at the Park event on Oct. 25.

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