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Coaldale LUB amended for some LED billboards

Posted on July 5, 2023 by Sunny South News

By Nikki Jamieson
Sunny South News

LED Billboards are now allowed in Coaldale.

A public hearing for Land Use Bylaw Amendment 873-P-05-23 was held during Coaldale town council’s regular June 26 meeting. The amendment aims to address the use of LED billboards in town. First reading of the bylaw was done during council’s May 8 meeting, in which it was further amended to allow for portable signs up to 8.9 square meters.

The Town of Coaldale does not currently allow for LED Billboards in any zoning, and over the years, the Town had received requests to allow for the use of LED billboards on land along Highway 3.

As the town’s existing regulations are quite strict compared to other jurisdictions, administration believes allowing for this signage in a limited capacity would align with the Town’s Strategic Plan by identifying strategies to support town business in achieving economic health, and focusing on creating a collaborative regulatory environment that attracts business to Coaldale. Additionally, the Town’s existing regulations have been in place for some time and could be considered out of date in regard to this development.

“Really, what the issue pertains to was a request from a landowner along Highway 3 who was interested in potentially putting in place an LED Billboard along their space,” said Cameron Mills, director of growth and investment for the town. “We do not have the capacity with the existing Land Use bylaw to provide for LED billboards. However, given that the regulations were quite old, and fairly restrictive, we thought it was appropriate to consider the matter before council, which is what took place as part of first reading.”

LUB Amendment 873-P-05-23 limits the billboards to lots adjacent to Highway 3, having a minimum separation distance between billboards of 300 m, and as a discretionary use in the Industry (I), Light Industry (I2) and Highway Commercial (C2) zonings.

Other changes to the LUB’s schedule 13, Sign Regulations, include revising definitions of ‘Animation’, ‘Changeable Content’, ‘Luminosity’, ‘Movement/Motion’, and ‘Off-Premises Sign’ within Section 2: Definitions; adding definitions for ‘Copy Cycle’, ‘Dwell Time’, ‘Sequential Messages’, ‘Static Copy’, ‘Transition Effects’ and ‘Transition Time’ within Section 2: Definitions; deleting the definition for ‘Electronic Sign Content’ within Section 2: Definitions; adding application submission requirements for ‘Billboard with Changeable Content’; deleting ‘Projection Styles’ within Section 7: Sign Content, Projection Styles and Illumination; and revising the requirements for ‘Billboard Signs’ within Section 8: Sign Types.

No comments or submissions had been received prior to the public hearing in regard to the bylaw amendments.

Following the public hearing, council unanimously performed second, third and final reading of Land Use Bylaw Amendment 873-P-05-23.

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