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July 18, 2024 July 18, 2024

Nobleford implementing new service request software

Posted on February 15, 2024 by Sunny South News

By Heather Cameron
Sunny South News

The Town of Nobleford has a new app called SeeClickFix.

“The Town is excited to unveil its first-ever service request software, SeeClickFix,” said Megan Kling, Municipal Clerk for the Town of Nobleford. “SeeClickFix is a program powered by CivicPlus to provide local governments with a service request management solution.”

The program, King says, allows users to submit requests or report concerns within Nobleford through their desktop or mobile device. For example, King says, if a resident notices a sign has fallen off its post, they can snap a picture, provide the location, and a quick description of the issue at hand. From there, King says, various Town departments will respond to the corresponding requests and provide updates to the requestee throughout the process, and users can also view a map of open, in-progress, and closed requests.

For those users wishing to use this program via their mobile device, King says, they are able to download the SeeClickFix app. 

“Once this app is downloaded, simply set the location to ‘Nobleford, AB’ to fully utilize everything there is to offer,” said King. “In addition to the simple request interface, the app also provides residents with quick links to the most important and current Town services, as well as a notice center for the Town to provide residents with updates regarding service disruptions and other important Town information. Users may turn on push notifications to ensure they stay up to date.”

The Town, King says, believes that this program will provide significant improvements to current services provided and states that the implementation of SeeClickFix also aligns closely to Council’s Strategic Plan in the following ways.

Strategic Priority #1 – Critical Infrastructure

“As the software allows residents the opportunity to easily request services or report concerns, the Town can become more aware of issues that need focus,” said King. “Reporting a pothole so it can be promptly fixed helps improve roads, or a crack in the sidewalk to ensure pedestrian safety. Or notifying of a Town sprinkler that is malfunctioning that the Town may not be aware of. The Town is very focused on ensuring these services are kept to the highest standards, however, we cannot be everywhere at once and we don’t know what we can’t see.”

Strategic Priority #2 – Affordability

“The software allows the Town to improve service levels and increase efficiencies throughout Town departments,” said King. “SeeClickFix is more than just service request, it is also service management that will allow all departments to coordinate and track various tasks at hand. The software is incredibly cost-effective as the benefits it will provide will outweigh the minimal financial cost. The program is funded through the operating budget.”

Strategic Priority #3 – Communication and Public Participation

“SeeClickFix presents the Town with an excellent opportunity to remove communication barriers with residents,” said King. “As residents are able to submit requests, from there, Town staff can respond to the requestee with updates regarding their requests if the requestee desires,” said King. “All users are able to see the status and progress of most service requests or concerns submitted to the Town. Select categories have been made private for privacy reasons. The Town seeks to improve its accountability and ensure that residents know their voice matters and we are listening.”

Strategic Priority #4 – Enhance Town Appearance

“As critical infrastructure will benefit from this software, so will the Town’s appearance,” said King. “Residents can also report broken branches, full garbage bins, et cetera, which will overall enhance the Town’s appearance. But this cannot be done simply by one person, it takes a community. We would like to encourage residents to help notify the Town of issues they come across. Through this collective effort, we expect residents will foster greater community pride and ensure their community is not only beautiful, but cooperative.”

The app, King says, will provide residents with more features and act more as a Town app rather than solely a request software, and allows the Town to implement buttons on the main page for things that matter most to residents, such as contacting the Town, the community calendar, or a quick link to the newsletter. King says that there is also a dedicated section for notices that residents can have pushed through. Notices, King says, will include important information such as the status of the ice rink, rescheduled garbage collection, or any other service disruptions.

“Public participation is one of the most important outcomes,” said King. “The Town cannot fix what they cannot see. Our Public Works department is often busy with high-priority issues and is not often provided the opportunity to stroll around Nobleford. As residents are the eyes and ears of communities, municipalities often rely on them to report issues that may go unnoticed at times. We hope that by reducing barriers, residents are encouraged to make submissions and notify the Town of any issues that may be present.”

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