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Mulroney came from “humble beginning”: MP Thomas

Posted on March 5, 2024 by Sunny South News

By Heather Cameron
Southern Alberta Newspapers

On February 29, Brian Mulroney, the 18th Prime Minister of Canada, passed away at the age of 84.

Multiple people have been touched by his passing, including MP Rachael Thomas who has served as the member of Parliament for the riding of Lethbridge since 2015.

MP Thomas said that it was with a great loss that she learned of Mulroney’s passing, as he leaves behind a beautiful family that includes children and grandchildren, and it’s not easy for them to face such a loss. In addition to that, Thomas said, Mulroney had many friends and many other people who he served as a mentor to, so his death means the loss of a kindred spirit.

“I think he was a great statesman who served our country very well,” said Thomas. 

Thomas stated that she thinks it’s important to know that Mulroney came from a really humble background, being the son of an electrician who was raised in a hard-working family. Mulroney, Thomas said, worked very hard through his life and was in business for quite some time before eventually entering politics to the point where he led Canada with great distinction.

“I think given his humble beginning and his leadership, he left an example that is encouraging to many in terms of what’s possible when you apply yourself and take advantage of the opportunity that is available here in Canada,” said Thomas.  

That example, Thomas said, includes leading Canada as Prime Minister when the Cold War was taking place, alongside Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. 

Mulroney, Thomas said, ensured that Canada championed freedom and democracy, and he did this against the backdrop of communism and totalitarianism. Thomas said that Mulroney is best known for the free trade agreement that he generated between Canada and the United States, an agreement that forever changed the economic wellbeing of Canada, and it’s an agreement that stands in place today and continues to serve our countries very well. 

In addition to that, Thomas said, Mulroney was also known for the Acid Rain Treaty, which was signed with the United States in 1991 to address the issue of acid rain caused by industrial pollution; he was among the very first to fight against South Africa’s apartheid policy and to champion the unity of that nation, and he was also a huge champion of Nelson Mandela and very much wanted to see human rights respected along with fighting to see equality, justice and the rule of law upheld. 

“He chose to apply himself and steward the opportunities that were granted to him,” said Thomas. “He overcame obstacles, and he stewarded the position that was bestowed upon him, and made some very important decisions on behalf of Canada. I also come from quite humble beginnings and, I think, very much wish to steward the opportunity that has been granted to me.”

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