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From the Archives of Western Newspapers

Posted on April 4, 2024 by Sunny South News

By Samantha Johnson
For Southern Alberta Newspapers

March 31, 1888 – Edmonton Bulletin

In Ottawa today, the debate on unrestricted reciprocity continued in the House. Peter Mitchell got excited and used unparliamentary language. Landerkin moved an adjournment, but Mitchell kept on speaking.

Last December the Bulletin published a recipe for making two varieties of beer and the recipe was copied by many papers in the Northwest. It is probably not necessary to remark these recipes were not procured and published with the view of increasing the manufacturing of the article mentioned. The statute books contain a stringent law prohibiting such an act and a large and expensive police force is ostensibly charged with maintaining it. An able-bodied intoxicant was allowed to be made and sold without hindrance for many years, proving the impossibility of enforcing the current law.

Spring is late in other countries besides Canada. Reports have reached us that as of March 18, snow was still a foot deep in Berlin, Prussia.

April 4, 1901 – The Outcrop (Canterbury, BC)

Golden was left off the latest list of places where the Courts of Assize would be held during May and a telegram was immediately wired as there are cases needing to be tried here. The Attorney-General responded and a date has been set for the following cases: Crown vs Collins for the murder of A. Dando in Peterborough last August, Crown vs Chamberlin for cattle stealing, and Crown vs McKnight for conspiring to injure property so as to endanger life by using dynamite.

The steamer Hyack is expected to come up the Columbia River any day now. It was frozen in the ice last winter at Little Mill and went down to Golden last week. The day upon which the steamer arrives for the first time should be made a public holiday.

The Chamber of Mines that began some three months ago has fallen through owing to lack of funds. It was found that $10,000 was required to carry on all the good things it proposed. The Government refused assistance, so the idea was abandoned.

March 30, 1911 – The Bow Valley Call

The Gleichen detachment of the RNWMP have had an exceptionally busy week and ridden many hundreds of miles. One day, someone will get into serious trouble for making claims of horse theft and then retracting the charges after the police have spent days of hard work and set the law machinery into full motion.

Over 6,000 miners in the Crowsnest Pass are expected to go on strike April 1, which should provide our farmers the chance to get plenty of labourers. When asked, Premier Sifton stated the provincial government will not be interfering in the strike despite the seriousness from the viewpoint of the public if it should go ahead.

According to the universal suffrage law of Australia, all those on the register must record their votes. In the last general election, 50,000 electors were fined sums of $2 downward because they neglected to go to the polls. 

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