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Say thank you

Posted on October 7, 2014 by Sunny South News

Saying thank you is a life lesson we are working on with our four-year -old and it’s quite surprising to me to note how many times people do not bother to do that.

During the summer, we were guests at a couple of weddings. We had to travel some distance and took gifts and carefully selected cards wishing the young couples happiness in their future.

Several months have passed and I must admit I’m disappointed not to have received any acknowledgement or expression of gratitude. It’s a small thing but it is noticed. Postage is expensive but so were the gifts and cards received at their celebrations.

In today’s busy society it’s easy to blame a lack of parenting but in both cases that is definitely not the situation. That particular life skill was taught by both the parents and the grandparents, as we are doing with our youngster.

A recent call from my insurance agent resulted in a review of my policy and a slight reduction in the premium I had paid. Since I had not initiated the call, when a refund cheque arrived in the mail, I called him to voice my appreciation for his attention to his client’s details. Apparently, insurance brokers don’t often get that type of call and he seemed quite surprised that I would take the time to thank him for his great service. He deserved it as far as I was concerned.

At the MCC Thrift Shop where I volunteer, the manager never fails to thank me for my efforts and, although I certainly go home tired at the end of a shift, I always feel uplifted and encouraged to return another day to help where I can.

Ruth has over one hundred volunteers who donate their time every month and one of the biggest reasons that they do it so willingly is they know their contributions are appreciated. (The connections and fellowship are added bonuses.)

The shop moved recently and the new location is very close to the Lethbridge shelter and when I consider how things might have been, I am always reminded to be grateful for the many blessings in my life.

My aunt (who is renowned in our family for her awesome Thanksgiving dinners) works through her church with the Inn from the Cold organization.

When we sit down together she always comments on how very many things we take for granted including the meal we are about to enjoy. “Not everyone has all this you know, be grateful” she tells us.

So, say thank you, it’s important, even if it’s only for the gift of a second cookie at snack time.

There are so many things in my life for which I am grateful. For good health, a close and loving family, dear and faithful friends, fulfilling work in a community and church that I love, good food and a warm, dry place to live — I say “thank you” (daily in my prayers, but whatever way works for you). In the words of Nike — “just do it!”

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