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Redford bending the rules

Posted on March 4, 2014 by Sunny South News

It’s devil’s advocate time. Alberta Premier Alison Redford of the provincial Conservatives recently bent the rules in regards to provincial liquor laws, so Alberta establishments in the business of selling booze could open at 5 a.m. (MST) to watch the recent Winter Olympics men’s hockey gold win game together in unison, while sipping a few tall cool ones before a breakfast of champions.

Sure, most Albertans were happy, to say the least. The day Redford made the early opening a reality for beer and hockey lovers across the province was probably one of the highest approval rating stunts. Too bad Redford couldn’t keep her positive approval ratings year-round. Perhaps, she could, by simply bending the rules a little bit on other issues or problem spots north and south in Alberta. Surely, Albertans would continue to cheer, as opposed to groan.

The following is of course fiction and do not reflect reality in Alberta at this time. Sigh.

Healthcare is a great place to start. Maybe, Redford could bend a little on making wait times less exhausting. Maybe, Redford could bend some rules or step on toes or sweeten the deal with somebody somewhere to hire more doctors and nurses and the like.

Education could use a hand. Maybe, Redford could entice taxpayers to pay more taxes to equip Alberta schools with more teachers, so classes aren’t overflowing. Perhaps, Redford could twist the arms of other politicians so it would be cheaper for families to take part in recreational activities without losing their shirts. Participation… get with the action. There are incentives in place but more would be good. How about taking those who matter out to lunch and discuss minimum wage? Maybe, have a few glasses of wine or whatever the poison and budge and nudge those in the know regarding a livable wage for Albertans, including those in the service industry. Tips shouldn’t be considered part of a wage. Maybe, lax the laws to legalize the marijuana, not only in Alberta but from coast-to-coast — pot enthusiasts from the B.C. border to Saskatchewan and north to the oil fields would rejoice. Even those who don’t inhale would see the logic, since Redford already bent a little for liquor-selling bars and pubs to open up before the crack of dawn — before a drunken rooster cries out his morning cock-a-doodle do. So… the aforementioned isn’t geared towards Olympic pride. It could be important for Albertans.

It’s fine and dandy Redford was able to please a plethora of bar seat Olympians but what about the rest of Alberta 364 days a year? Other politicians bent the rules so Canadians could watch the gold medal win on big screens in bars across the country. Those politicans could also no doubt sway other politicians and the like to work on other laws and issues that are in dire need of an overhaul or breath of fresh air. Redford’s compromise of allowing bars to open early one time is a welcome jesture from the Conservative right.

Maybe, now’s the time for the Conservatives to loosen up a little and party hearty like the rest of Alberta, or at the very least step outside of the box from time-to-time. The Conservatives are like the girl who didn’t get invited to prom — sure she likes to kick off her heels and dance every once and a while.

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