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Be prepared before an emergency happens

Posted on March 25, 2014 by Sunny South News

It was as if an apocalypse was upon us.

Lethbridge County was asked to conserve water and a boil water order was implemented for our safety. Not only that, in Coaldale, the power had gone out on one side of the street one day during the water troubles.

What was next — no Internet? No Smartphone signal? What is a man, woman or child to do

Residents had to buy bottled water. Residents had to go without showering for a day or two. Residents had to refrain from washing vehicles, washing dishes and doing the laundry — all in the name of conserving one of southern Alberta’s most valuable resources – our water.

It was pure madness, according to some who went without their precious liquid gold for two or three days.

What the heck? Why didn’t Lethbridge and surrounding area see it coming? Where was a preparedness plan? Sarcasm is no doubt present in the aforementioned dialogue.

Being prepared is something southern Albertans need to perhaps strive towards. Stocking up on bottled water, replenishing the non-perishable foods shelf for a rainy or snow melting day, purchasing an alternative power source such as a generator (plus backup fuel for said power source), candles, flashlights, batteries, warm clothing and blankets, extra medicine (just in case) and a battery operated or crank radio to listen to emergency alerts. Of course this is just for starters.

In an emergency and when there is no power or Internet it may be a bit difficult to check Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites for emergency news coverage. A good old radio may be just what the doctor ordered in a bind.

The recent water woes throughout Lethbridge County and the City of Lethbridge is a wakeup call for residents.

So often we take for granted a clean and plentiful water supply for all our basic needs and many wasteful ways. The fact is — it could happen to anyone, anywhere. Kudos goes out to Lethbridge County and City of Lethbridge staff and everyone else who helped get the water flowing again during the recent minor inconvenience (it wasn’t even that really).

It was what it was and hopefully something was learned from the ordeal.

Do southern Albertans really need to have shiny and glistening trucks and cars 24/7? Do squeaky clean people really need to take 90-minute showers? Does the toilet have to flush each time a swinging bachelor uses the facilities? Is it that big of a deal if our dirty laundry piles up for an extra day or two and heaven forbid we have to wear something for two days in a row?

Again, sarcasm is a powerful tool.

When southern Albertans need to save water or are asked to consume less electricity or are told it is better for the environment to walk more and drive less it is because most of us are accustomed to wasting resources, money and time. It’s what we do because we tell ourselves we can.

Tomorrow there will be more water, gas, electricity, food, and so on and so on. Life will keep on keeping on just like it always has.

Canadians are so lucky to have an abundance of many things but we mustn’t forget an end comes to all good things, in time. The well will run dry at some point in time.

In time, we may have to make sacrifices in order to keep living the good life. Why not start now. Our resources are not infinite and our lives are short but hopefully sweet.

Tomorrow, wake up and step outside and take a breath of fresh air. Splash some water on your face and call it a day in your daily get ready ritual. Saddle up on your bike and ride to work (if you can) or walk a few blocks (if you can).

Tomorrow night do you really need to have every light on in the house or can you simply be happy and content with a light on in the room you are in? Or have a romantic candle lit dinner with a loved one or by yourself.

Instead of having the television on perhaps read a book or play a board game with the family or by yourself. The great thing about a board game by yourself is you always win.

What it comes down to is learning how to adapt or to consume less before it’s too late. Meaning, when water woes happen in a community or a family needs to conserve water or some other natural resource — the family can persevere without much hassle and not be affected by said issue. Together, southern Albertans can be prepared.

Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse, a natural disaster or emergency or simply a power outage for a few hours to a few days — being prepared can get you through without too many sacrifices.

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