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Canadian politics need an overhaul

Posted on June 10, 2014 by Sunny South News

In Alberta, politics are somewhat nauseating at times — both provincially and federally — especially when a fair share of the population doesn’t even head out to the polls to cast a vote.

Campaigns are off and running for the Conservative leadership race. Each candidate promising this and that, while promoting their own personal or party agendas.

Locally, candidates are already gearing up for a provincial election, as a few unveil their intentions. Luckily, a municipal election is four years away, as many new municipal councillors, reeves and mayors learn the ropes and how to work with provincial and federal legislators.

Perhaps a new television show could be developed and produced — “Alberta’s Most Wanted Politician,” “The Next Big Head Honcho,” “Big Politics” or “Political Survivor.” All four programs could feature contenders for leadership, while being part of a contest to eliminate the weak and keep the entertaining and charismatic. As the saying goes, “There can only be one.”

Or… throw politicians in a wrestling or boxing ring and have them fight their way to the top. How about a Dragons Den-like show, where politicians pitch their agendas and political spin to various voters, such as a fast food server, a business person, a doctor, a DJ and a newspaper guy/gal. Each voter would rate the candidate’s pitch and either support or flush the candidates political aspirations down the drain.

Dystopian societies in books and film are all the rage these days. Maybe politicians can enter the gladiator-type arena or join in on a Hunger Games-like phenomenon — where it’s survival of the fittest.

In today’s often bored and apathetic culture a politician needs to bring more bang for the buck to the political landscape, to grab a voter’s attention. Rhetoric is archaic, when society has short attention spans and need to be entertained 24/7, rather than swayed one way or the other.

Politicians could put on a vaudeville show, or feature their perhaps freaky or bizarre attributes. Politicians could put funds towards making a movie about their intentions. A political blockbuster with superheroes, zombies or characters built from LEGO. Politicians could design social media websites or apps. Politicians need to get with the times and adapt and integrate into today’s tech-crazed culture.

Many politicians say they have their fingers on the pulse of a community — locally, provincially and nationally — too bad the pulse they are feeling is from yesterday’s voter.

Today’s voter, at least the ones that actually get out to vote, are interested in results and not what ifs and what the other guy is doing wrong. A politician should inform voters of “real” reasons he/she wants to represent a certain riding. A voter can see through all the smoke and mirrors many politicians use to influence voters.

A disconnect is a reality in today’s political landscape between voters and elected officials. There always has been.

Instead of a politician worrying about the next election, he/she should focus on the matter at hand — working for the people — the employer, the boss, the big cheese. A politician must be held accountable for his/her actions to we, the people. Lately, it seems to be the other way around.

Canadians who get into politics want other Canadians to vote for them. In theory, what interests do Canadians have? Canadians like Tim Hortons, poutine, wearing toques, beer, hockey and Canadians like to say “eh” and “aboot.”

So, politicians should cater to the interests of Canadians. Politicians should give each potential voter a Tim Hortons gift card, free poutine for life, a warm toque with a maple leaf on it for our cold and wintery days, a two-four of Canadian liquid gold, a ticket to an NHL hockey game and a book featuring a definite collection of all-true Canadianisms.

In reality, Canadians want to be counted. A Canadian voter wants his/her vote to matter and to be a part of the political makings of Canada.

Politicians need to speak to, not above, fellow Canadians. Politicians need to remember there is a vast array of voters in Alberta and in Canada — not just farmers, oil industry enthusiasts, business men/women with necessary funds to support a political party and so on.

The disconnect is in how politicians speak to voters. The misconceptions or just plain old not understanding the way of life of many Canadians who vote.

In Canada, there are people who have conservative or liberal beliefs and all the ones in between. Some Canadians adopt many political stances, while many politicians cater to only what they understand to be.

In the future, it is hoped, politicians will evolve towards a better understanding of what the actual populace wants. Each Canadian wants what they want. Why is it a politician only represents one view point or agenda based on one political party? Shouldn’t a well-adjusted and open-minded political system in such a diverse country represent the view points and/or agenda(s) of every Canadian, young and old?

Maybe, it’s time the Canadian political system gets an overhaul. It’s 2014 but politically it feels like the dark ages, at times.

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