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Instead of assuming… ask

Posted on August 5, 2014 by Sunny South News

Alberta, it would seem, is reactive instead of pro-active once again.

Many Albertans would like to see the province change its speed limit on highways to 120 kilometres per hour, as opposed to the 110 kilometres per hour on most primary highways.

British Columbia increased speeds on some of the province’s highways earlier this month, similar to other provinces in Canada and some states in the U.S. There are those for it and others opposed to the increased speeds.

Using the old adage “Speed Kills” — well, no duh. Fast and furious drivers are out on Alberta roads no matter the speed limit with the pedal to the metal.

Others casually drive according to posted speed limits with their two hands on the wheel and eyes front on the road in front of them. Today’s newspapers deliver both sides of the speed limit debate.

Simply put, driving fast isn’t safe — opponents say. Many drivers already drive over the posted speed limit on highways, so by increasing the speed limit, police can bust those driving too fast — say proponents. But it’s not that easy. Many ideas about the topic exist.

Already, Alberta will be spending a lot of tax dollars and hard-earned dough from the pockets of Albertans to pay for what the province says is a much-needed overhaul to Alberta licence plates.

And… Alberta will be implementing a new minimum wage increase in September.

Easy does it Alberta. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

First off, what do Albertans really think about all the new advancements, such as a new licence plate and an increase in minimum wage? Would Albertans be supportive of a speed limit increase on some primary highways?

Well, if history is any indication, the Alberta government doesn’t necessarily seem to rely on the power of the people, rather they make decisions based on what seems like pipe dreams and not well thought out logic.

There is such a disconnect between the people living in Alberta and the politicians representing them. Of course, politicians will say there isn’t and each politician has their finger on the pulse of every Albertan. The fact is — they’re out of the loop, when it comes to what many Albertans are thinking. Being a “traditional” Albertan these days is out of style.

So… it’s time for Alberta politicians to step up to the plate and offer Albertans a chance to voice their opinion.

Yes, the government allowed for Albertans to vote online for a new licence plate but what if some Albertans wanted the licence plate to stay the same or what if other Albertans had something else entirely in mind for a new plate?

Politicians in Alberta need to listen up. Albertans want a chance to voice their opinions on many topics including a possible increase of a province-wide highway speed limit and maybe more of a wage increase for those in the service industry, instead of workers relying on tips to survive.

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