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Family values misunderstood

Posted on August 12, 2014 by Sunny South News

Family values, as a major issue, are on the tips of the tongues of many politicians, no matter what affiliation.

Too bad political people in power don’t practice what they preach. Time and time again Albertans hear about how this political party or that political party believes one of the most important platform issues is family values or the lack thereof.

Abortion is a big one, always has been — especially in southern Alberta. Too bad a large assortment of politicians, many men, haven’t had to have an abortion. Poverty is another. Again, too bad many politicians, haven’t had to live on minimum wage for a heck of a long time. Education and healthcare are also important platform issues politicians preach about, nauseatingly. Too bad nothing gets done, of any significance, it seems.

In 2014, it’s a wonder any Albertan can get ahead. Except for maybe if that person works in the oil and gas industry or is into real estate or is in the trades. As for family values, if a politician really cared he/she would work towards better housing options for the young family.

The parents that both have to work in order to pay the bills and keep a house over their head should be at the forefront. Young families can’t afford today’s housing costs — both rentals and buying.

Maybe a politician can pass a law making it mandatory for house owners who sell or rent to not bend a potential buyer or renter over a barrel. Maybe, a politician can remember what it was like when they were starting out. Surely, they rented some dive in a bad part of town with shifty neighbours and a rental unit with a foul smell and faulty wiring and plumbing?

As for family values, even with a basic healthcare card issued by the government and with additional insurance coverage — going to the dentist or doctor for something not covered is astronomically a hit to the old pocket book, leaving some families deciding if Jimmy’s dad should get some much needed dentist work or buy bread and some bananas. It’s no laughing matter and it does happen, more than not. Even if the government might tell Albertans in a media release a recent biased survey tells a another story.

One day, maybe southern Albertans who don’t make ends meet can get ahead. Maybe, just maybe, family values such as decent living quarters, a good healthy meal, some nice clean teeth and a well paying job could be a reality. Too bad it won’t be for many.

Thanks to our government working for us Canadians can live the dream — even if only through watching television or reading it in the daily news.

Life is unpredictable — much like a lottery.

Chances of winning are far and in between, while hope is tested time and time again, especially faith in any particular political party to do what’s right.

A person can think they have life all sorted out and work towards a goal. Suddenly, an unknown variable pokes its head into the mix. This unwanted nuisance can either be a blessed event or a hinderance to life’s beautiful embrace. This is a reality and happens to too many families throughout Alberta and coast-to-coast on a daily basis. It’s time Albertan’s speak out about what family values truly mean. Maybe then, politicians may have a clue.

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