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Change in Alberta should be encouraged

Posted on September 9, 2014 by Sunny South News

It’s hard to believe and hard to swallow but according to a recent article in The Calgary Herald, the Progressive Conservatives have been in power in Alberta for the past 42 years. Change is necessary for the province to move ahead and evolve.

For those of us in our 40s, the Tories have been in control since we were born. That’s simply crazy talk.

Behaviourly, humans detest change and it takes at least a month for anything to become a nasty habit and/or an unwanted behaviour. Many Albertans have routinely voted each election for the past 42 years Progressive Conservative. If a few of those die-hard Conservative fans changed it up from time to time and threw caution to the wind and faced their fear of change — Alberta could be a great province, instead of a mediocre one, because of a stagnant political stage.

Today’s Alberta is not just a province of cowboys, farmers and gas and oil enthusiasts — today’s Alberta should be about change and transformation. But sadly, it is not, no matter how much politicians and those content with their province bellow on about it.

Alberta’s big brother — the U.S. — is quite similar to Republicans and Democrats or how one term defines the two parties, “Republi-Crat.” Both the Tories and Wildrose share similar philosophies and platforms. The Liberals and NDP do too.

Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to wake up in the morning and have an alternative political party in power in Alberta? It sounds like fantasy but perhaps could happen some day. Or is it a pipe dream? To think, another political party other than the Conservatives could call the shots? Bliss?

Alberta needs a political transfusion. Fresh blood pumping through its veins. Forty-two years is just way too long to be the majority government in any province, territory, state or country. It would be different if the party could boast of a perfect track record and not a blemish.

A political party should have only eight years to perform or disappoint. After eight years, give the other kids a chance to play on the political merry-go-round and slip-and-slide. It’s only fair and balanced. After a certain amount of time or cycle the political party, once in power, could have a chance to step up to the plate again. The current democracy model isn’t working. How can a political party stay in power in the province when many voters don’t even show up to vote? Or Alberta premiers, of the same political party, keep flubbing it up but still the party remains in control. Sounds a lot like the City of Toronto and a certain mayor.

Alberta really needs an enema. It needs to exorcise the demons Ace Ventura-style. Albertans need to make a New Year’s resolution on Dec. 31, with a provincial election scheduled in the near future — perhaps to vote for change. The province needs it and would benefit from such a generous gesture.

To use an old adage, “to clean the slate,” is what Alberta needs to do. Wipe away the mildew, dust off the crustiness, spray some disinfectant to cover-up the old smell and start anew. It is that easy.

Alberta’s governing institution is out of date, disconnected from its constituents and plays it safe, while staying the same. Albertans need to treat the Conservatives like a bloody band-aid on a hairy patch — just rip it right off and feel the burn but know the scar will heal in time, as the province moves ahead with a new sense of desire and passion to make Alberta the province it truly can be.

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