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Is the world going to hell in a handbasket?

Posted on September 16, 2014 by Sunny South News

Wake up any morning and turn on the morning news or read the daily paper and world events smack you in the face, as to say “wake up and smell the coffee.” No, you’re not reading or watching a George Orwell written dystopian tale or an episode of “The Walking Dead.”

You are alive and well, hopefully, in a world on the cusp of a much needed intervention. The world is at the centre of said intervention, while its inhabitants offer reasons why the world needs some good old doctor prescribed medication to fix its downward spiral (which by the way is a great album by NIN) or get off the sauce — the world obviously is drinking morning, noon and night. It is unreasonable and intolerable at times.

Presidents, prime ministers and other world leaders talk about how they’re going to change the world… to make it a much better place. Isn’t that what happened in the first place? Bleeding hearts of the world unite, said The Grinch. Forefathers in the U.S. conceived the original concept of living the American Dream and Canada followed suit. Other countries across the globe wanted to import North Americanisms and everything it stood for.

Nowadays, North America is loathed by many and slowly the world is reacting to whatever it was North America did wrong. The saying, “It wasn’t me… it was the other guy,” is indeed how the world, no doubt, views how it all went down… the decline of a once civilized society (OK, throughout the ages man has been a tad bit barbaric). You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But… as a writer, the pen is mightier than the sword, unless that sword can be impaled in a rock — Excalibur-style.

Apathetic is the new black. It has been for decades. But we’re so disinterested in saving the world, we’ve hung up our capes and cowls. Maybe, the world needs a new superhero to transform us into believers of a better day and a glorious tomorrow. It could happen. But… we must digress. The world has simply become a crap shoot. You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em. Kenny Rogers isn’t the only gambler. It’s as though the world is one gargantuan Las Vegas casino and we stand at the bottom of a large and looming slot machine. We step up and deposit a quarter and grab the slot thingy and bring it down, in hopes the bells and whistles congratulate us on winning the jackpot. Most of us leave empty handed. Some of us leave with our heads held high. We feel like a winner. It’s an analogy of life in this wild, wild world. Some win. Some lose. But… we all fight the same fight to persevere, while holding onto our dignity.

We all leave this world the same way we came in… afraid and confused. We don’t want to admit it… we live in a cookie cutter kind of world. Let’s face it… we’re all human and to err is human. The first person we must forgive is ourselves. But most importantly, we must be ourselves. Only then can we be all that we want to be. Lest we forget… the world wasn’t built in a day, but it sure the heck could be devoured and conquered in one fail swoop.

It’s up to us to take an interest in world events. Instead of channel surfing, perhaps check out a local newscast to catch up on what’s happening around you, read a newspaper to seek out knowledge in regards to current events or simply view news online.

A lot of it is depressing and makes a person want to crawl back into bed but learning about what’s happening just might make a difference in how you view the world. It may make you jaded but well informed.

It’s better to be well informed when the world comes crumbling down. Perhaps, it’s a zombie apocalypse survival plan or letting bygones be bygones and simply being a better human being.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there or a God eat God world — depending on how you roll. Religion separates us and makes us do stupid things to one another but it is a coping mechanism many use to live their life. Faith is a funny thing. Humans crave to have faith in something.

Whether it’s a God, Gods or the King of Rock and Roll. Faith in a better day is a safe prescription. Faith in fellow man is noble but lacking, while faith is tested time and time again. Blind faith is how many get by and the faithless are often ridiculed and neglected.

There’s just way too many cooks in the kitchen. Too many ways to skin a cat and a cornucopia of icons to grovel at the feet of. Whatever floats your boat. Religion is a sore spot for many, when it should be a salvation for the ones that seem to believe. How dare you question my belief? Some will say. Others will exclaim, “my religion is the real religion.” The world has become one big fight club. On the first night, you must fight at fight club.

The world stage is a frightening, debilitating but fragile flower — decaying without the nurturing of its inhabitants. Not only environmentally but philosophically — whatever belief system one is drawn to. Religion can be beautiful, addictive and destructive. Religion causes wars and can bring peace. Religion is a double-edged sword and is dangerous in the hands of those who do not understand its power. The world’s religions are good, bad and questionable.

The systems in place and held dear in the hearts of North Americans that once strived are now screwed. Democracy is broken. Capitalism is broken. Religion is broken. Education is flawed. And… the very essence of love is heart broken in many cases.

It’s a very blunt reality to fathom but it can change… with a little help from our friends.

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