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Integrity lost

Posted on January 21, 2015 by Sunny South News

The shenanigans of the politicians in Alberta can only equal the recent idiocy of the politicians in Toronto. A brief definition of fraud is deceit. Jim Prentice and cohorts are certainly guilty of deceit when they welcomed the turncoats from the Wildrose with open arms into their party. You cannot honestly call that honesty.
When Ms. Smith and her misguided sheep followed her from the platform they used to entice votes from Albertans into another altogether different party, would you not call that fraud and deceit? Total honesty and integrity of our government is a joke. These “leaders” have just “spit in the faces” of the electorate, as they cross floors and do as they please whenever they please. I guess that’s called entitlement. What platforms and promises did they espouse to be elected in the first place? When these politicians look in the mirror do “they” realize “they” have dishonoured the people of Alberta?
Alberta politics is presently based on corruption, deceit and self-aggrandizement. What is that saying, “You give a person a little power and authority and they immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion?”
We have sadly learned the likes of Prentice and Smith cannot be trusted. Where will they cross to next? They should all be charged with fraud.

Norma Zobell

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