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Philosophically speaking, the world turns but stands still

Posted on April 7, 2015 by Sunny South News

We live on a complicated sphere, spinning uncontrollably towards premature self-inflicted extinction — all because we are greedy, emotional and apathetic little humanoids — who, in the end, just want a hug.
Our communicative ways have become too complex to comprehend with our gadgets of mass-dumbing and numbing, while boasting of our enhanced intelligence because of said technological dis-advancements.
Religion has consumed our way of life, to the point where being religious and not being affiliated with a religion is a frightening but alarming warning not to make any drastic decisions in regards to your religion of choice or lack thereof. Or religion — thrust upon you, by someone or some other means.
Life, as we know it, has taken a downward spiral (NIN-esque-ish) — as we contemplate what’s next on the horizon.
Should we doomsday prep or celebrate our accomplishments as devout human beings with a multitude of ailments both self-made and force-fed to us?
If southern Albertans were to doomsday prep (surely some Lethbridge County residents have already begun the process) — would those doomsday prepping be setting themselves up for failure, if the world wasn’t to end in their lifetime(s)? Wouldn’t the boogeyman/woman win (whomever or whatever the flavour of the week is/was)?
Today’s date is but a glitch in time. A time to reflect, to contemplate or to loathe or cheer on.
Yesterday, a blip on the grand schemed video game called life. Our controllers outdated and in need of repair. We are but pieces of nostalgia, retro and replaced by a new brand of justice, so to speak. Do others alive and kicking want to use us? To give us the benefit of the doubt? As we cast our own shadows on our own doubts. Who knows — only time will tell. Or will it. Time is relative. Or is it? Oh science, you have posed as many questions as your religious brethren. Both, of complicated sorts.
Since the dawn of time, men and women, have worked towards destroying the love that dare not speak its name. Tragedy has struck the entire universe. These words are only nothingness, if not understood.
So, learn something.
Be proactive in your rise or demise on this ball of self-deflating madness, at times. We are but what we think we are. Our minds control our destinies. We decide where we go from here.
Each of us, with a ginormous role to play. We are not minuscule. We are not tiny little cogs in a machine. We are the machine and the pilot.
Nonsense you may say. So be it. Kind of right on the money, you may whisper.
Either, or — it doesn’t really matter. Does it? Or can you simply reimagine the world as you know it?

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