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Solutions need to be found within Alberta’s political system

Posted on May 4, 2015 by Sunny South News

Why is it political parties in Canada including Alberta have to come up with consequences within when a sitting party member decides to floor-cross to another party?
It would seem common sense it’s not particularly a good thing to do and is unethical and could have many other labels — most importantly, it’s a kick in the teeth to the voters who voted said floor-crosser in.
At recent Alberta Election forums throughout Little Bow, and most likely across the province in many ridings, MLA candidates announced to constituents what their party has done to help curb floor-crossing.
It was stated at one community forum the Wildrose have implemented a punishment of a year’s salary to be forfeited if a member decides to tip-toe quietly to another party’s corner.
It was also noted some Liberal floor-crossers would resign from being a Liberal first and leave the party and become an independent.
So, obviously political parties have heard from many of the electorate it is not necessarily a good idea for their sitting party member to cross the floor and join the ranks of another party.
Throughout Alberta, many MLAs have given reasons why they decided to switch political party teams but again the reasons are mostly excuses to save face with the voters who were behind a candidate or political party.
In reality, floor-crossing shouldn’t be a worry of Alberta voters or by voters Canada-wide. This is just one aspect wrong with the political system in Alberta and in Canada today.
Canadians need to fix democracy before democracy becomes even more tainted by its supposed advocates for political goodness.
The system is flawed, has been for quite some time.
Albertans vote and Canadians, as a whole, will vote this fall for Members of Parliament (MPs) and Prime Minister. But, the political system will continue to dissapoint voters until something is done to make Canadians feel their vote counts and is respected.
After this Alberta Election voters should make sure they hold their elected officials accountable for their actions and lack of action.
Once a federal election has come and gone this fall, Canadians should continue to demand solutions to the problems faced by Canadians. Alberta is need of solutions. Many solutions. Hopefully, after an election, said solutions are solved without costing the province an arm and a leg

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