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Federal politicians — quit being Negative Nancys

Posted on July 28, 2015 by Sunny South News

Here’s a novel idea and a somewhat wiser way to spend federal political campaign dollars — stop with the negative ads plastered all over traditional and social media platforms.
It really does lessen a politican’s voter appeal. The federal Conservatives are masters at manipulating the masses into believing they are indeed the political party to lead Canadians to greatness.
Canadians are already great — we don’t need the Harper government being the poster boy. Perhaps, other political parties running in this upcoming fall federal election could instead purchase ads that will note their accomplishments and allude to why voters should vote for them instead of the other guys/gals.
In the ad, said political party could even state, “We don’t trash talk our opponents. Here’s what we can do for you.” It’s money well spent. Trash talk is simply off-putting and leaves a bad taste in the mouth, like dried up blood from a sucker punch that is a negative political ad.
Perhaps, a political party could spend their campaign dollars on an ad that illuminates the fact the political party doesn’t like to bad mouth the competition but rather would like to briefly describe what the party stands for without sucker punching the electorate. Spend half the money giving to a charity too.
That will no doubt soften the blow. It is time voters say “enough” or maybe the electorate likes it? Negativity must work — just look at the results. The Harper government is still in power.
Voters must be infatuated in the way federal politicians do the nasty. Time and time again, the political party that uses negativity — wins. But, at what cost?
Bullying, is supposed to be frowned upon in Canada, or at least that’s what the federal government has always wanted Canadians to believe. When some of the biggest bullies are the leaders in Ottawa.
On another political note, in the United States, Republicans are up in arms because the Donald or Mr. Trump is giving the Republicans a bad name. Too late, didn’t a man by the name of George W. start that trend years ago?
It’s funny, other Republicans have been staying clear of Donald Trump, as he says what some people call inappropriate and politically incorrect rhetoric. Maybe, it’s just what the doctor ordered during a U.S. election.
Many U.S. politicians, even other Republicans, act that way Stateside every day. Why is Trump’s way of doing political business any different than the way politics have played out for decades?
If anything, the Trump situation sheds light on the issue of how silly politics have become in both the U.S. and Canada. A face in the mirror, if you will.
The online Urban Dictionary defines a Negative Nancy as someone who commonly whines, complains, or looks at the bad side of things.

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