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No traffic lights on Highway 3

Posted on September 1, 2015 by Sunny South News

No traffic lights on Highway 3
Dear Editor:
Once in awhile a person has to stand up and say no. This is one of those times.
It was a short time ago I heard the government was planning on putting a traffic light on Highway 3, east at Broxburn Road.
After 40 years of driving this very highway, where the light is going in, appears there is more than safety at play here.
I found out Lethbridge County is the government agency responsible for this plan.
I contacted the county and received a reply from Rick Robinson, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the county.
I asked for a plebiscite on this issue, since most people who travel Highway 3 don’t know a light is being planned for their future.
All the people I have talked to about a light are against it. It isn’t needed and is a time-waster for people travelling this highway.
Highway 3, between Coaldale and Lethbridge, received an upgrade in the last couple of years.
Unfortunately, the money was wasted, since it didn’t fix the problem at hand. Broxburn Road, and the next two intersections west, failed to have merge lanes installed going west.
If a traffic light is being planned for Highway 3 and Broxburn Road, then why single out Broxburn Road? I
If it’s for safety, as the Lethbridge County representative claims, then put traffic lights at every intersection in the county. Do you see the nonsense in this project?
I again request a plebiscite immediately for everyone to have their say in a major highway project that is not needed or wanted.
For the people who decided on a traffic light without the input of the people using this highway, it’s time for the people’s say in this matter.
Murray Grigor

A Lethbridge County response

In response to Murray Grigor’s Letter to the Editor in this week’s issue, Lethbridge County Chief Administrative Officer Rick Robinson issued the following statements:
Mr. Grigor, Robinson explained, has not submitted any letters to the county.
According to the CAO, Grigor did e-mail a couple of times regarding his opposition to the planning of traffic signals on Highway 3 and Broxburn Business Park. “Our message remains the same — Lethbridge County views this as a safety issue,” stated Robinson, in an e-mail to the Sunny South News.
This is a major traffic safety issue, Robinson stated in the e-mail — as the growing volume of vehicles, particularly large trucks, trailers and oversized loads has made the installation of traffic signals necessary in order to ensure the safety of all motorists on the roads.
“A minor inconvenience will offset a substantial improvement to the level of motorist safety at this intersection. A traffic impact assessment was conducted and that assessment indicates signalization at that intersection is warranted,” he added.
Robinson stated the county does not have any involvement with the Town of Coalhurst’s efforts to improve the town’s part of the Highway 3 intersection. “We are aware of their efforts to work on an alternate access/bypass road through the county and have been agreeable to discuss future plans for that road,” Robinson stated, in the e-mail.

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