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Taking the bully out of federal politics is no easy task

Posted on September 22, 2015 by Sunny South News

Insincere, back-stabber and Vindictive Vinnie/Veronica, lacking in couth, uncivilized at times — these could all define the actions of a federal election leader and/or candidate at times including Canada’s Grand Poobah himself.
If a Canadian wants to witness the darkside of a Canadian politician, just wait until an election is called. Sure, some don’t stoop to those levels and those politicians should get the vote (just for being humane, as opposed to the alternative). It’s as though the gloves come off at election time and it’s a no-holds barred free-for-all in the cage match. Survival of the fittest. Fight to the death. UFC should seek out politicians in Canada and the U.S. for their roster or perhaps the WWE could slap some tights and a mask on one or two candidates and parade them around the mat, so the electorate can poke fun. A candidate’s game plan of bashing, smashing and annihilating the competition is a sad display in what is supposed to be a peace-loving and a no-bullying country.
Just call an election and see the crap hit the fan. It never fails. An election brings out the worst in most politicians. At least at a local level candidates seem to keep it friendly and courteous. What happens with the leaders of any political party in the Big League? Conservatives, Liberals, NDPs, the Greens, the Bloc and any other party seeking votes in a federal election — an etiquette and/or anti-bullying class may be in order. Leaders of a political party should be setting a good example to the leaders of tomorrow — Canadian kids. But, instead, kids witness first-hand during an election, how childish and inconsiderate many politicians become in the spotlight.
Just once, it would be nice, to turn on the TV or read a newspaper article or view online or on social media a leader of a political party telling voters something about themselves, rather than the constant bad-mouthing of their opponent.
Didn’t leaders learn the basics in elementary school or if they were on a sports team or part of the debate team? Voters have no clue what a party stands for. Voters do know what leaders think about other leaders, that’s for sure. A voter faces a never-ending barrage of negative ads, mud-slinging, and the odd occurrence of a truth — laced with bad manners and a degrading sensibility on the leader’s part. Canadians should just say — STOP!
But, we don’t. We let political leaders continue to sell us their worn-out wares and wonders, their bullying brand of pushing their product, and they continue, each and every election, to treat us as second-class citizens — when in fact, we should be calling the shots — we elect ‘em. And, pay their salaries. In the words of U.S. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump, “You’re fired.” Canadians need to take back Ottawa and claim the country their own.
Federal politicians have had a free reign for far too long. Hold the leaders accountable for their years of disservice to Canada and Canadians. A new breed of Canadian federal leader and politician needs to be born. Someone with a better sense of gauging the electorate.
An election should mean a promise of a new day, not a dreading of the next four or more years. An election should resemble a smorgasbord with top-notch quality goods to be devoured without indigestion. A line-up of a variety of foods for everyone’s palette, as opposed to just three or four same-old same-old almost left-overs from the fridge. Crispy, savoury, scrumptious — those should be the definitions of a federal election candidate and political party leader. As well as — sincere, trustworthy, compassionate, and a great leader to lead this great country called Canada.
A great country needs to be proud of its elected leader, not ashamed and/or feel defeated.

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