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Coalitions could make Canada great

Posted on September 29, 2015 by Sunny South News

Forming a coalition during an election campaign or when the dust finally settles after a close-call election is often toted as blasphemous, an abomination, or heresy. But, isn’t a government formed by the supposed “best and brightest” a better way of doing business in today’s political scene, rather than just having one-party rule? Maybe a coalition of two or more federal political parties is what Canada needs right now? Or maybe Canadians are content and are settled in with the notion of the old and archaic one-party rule?
A minority government could be achieved if two or more political parties could get over themselves or at the very least — its leaders. In the news, when the idea of a coalition is brought up to federal political party leaders, it’s as though a reporter brought up nightmares of apocalyptic decay or something so sinister the messenger should be shot just because of the sheer ultra-sensitive nature of the thought. Surely, this is an exaggeration. Or is it? Politicians cringe when the word “coalition” is part of a Canadian’s coffee or water cooler talk and/or rhetoric.
For far too long, Canadians have heard the idea of a “coalition.” What if the federal Liberals and NDPs merged to form a supergroup, like ABBA or the New Kids on the Block? It could happen. But, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen — one day. Perhaps, the federal Conservatives could join forces with the Bloc Quebecois. Or the Greens could set up shop with the NDPs or the Liberals could join with both the Conservatives and NDPs to collectively use their expertise and knowledge to run the country. More heads are better than one. So, why is it such a travesty to suggest such things? It’s probably mostly because of ego and arrogance. Why would a political party leader want to share the stage with someone else, when they can be both the headliner and opener? But, in 2015, a coalition could be a reality but it won’t because the federal political leaders frown upon the mere whisper of it.
Testosterone is of course behind some of the reasons for it. Three of the major political party leaders are men. It’s a peeing contest, no doubt. If that’s the case, why not put the three of them in a cage and let them duke it out and the winner takes all.
If their life depended on it, I’m sure a political party leader would reach out for a lifeline to one of the competing political party leaders or maybe they wouldn’t and would simply whither and die. But, with a little help from their friends, they could climb out of the abyss and gain strength and reach to the top.
But, what if you are the party leader, already at the top? Well, sharing duties with others could be a good thing. Didn’t parents preach to us about sharing and the religious Christian book tells tales of being kind, compassionate and generous — while not being greedy, envious or wrathful.
Coalitions can be helpful to a civilized society. Countries have formed alliances to work together for the common good. Political parties, not so keen on forming a coalition, could be pursuing personal or party agendas, rather than what is good for common Canadians.
If Canada was governed by a few good men or women, as opposed to just one dude or dudette and their political party — doesn’t that make more sense? Should all governments look at a coalition, as a possible game plan moving forward?
Growing up, our parents, teachers and employers speak of working together and being part of a team but in the real world, as shown by federal political parties and their leaders, there is an ‘I’ in team. Sports teams recruit players from other teams to win games and trophies, companies merge to make more money and get ahead.
Look at it this way — what if the political party in power, let’s say the current Conservatives, bought out Tim Hortons (like Burger King recently did) or vice-versa? Or similar to when Disney bought Marvel, the Star Wars universe and The Muppets? Could you imagine if the Conservatives, Liberals and NDPs were now a part of some pseudo-universe where Harper, Trudeau and Mulcair were working in unison for Canadians to move this country forward? It would be like Spiderman, Luke Skywalker and Kermit the Frog kicking arse in a weird Disney-laced world — sort of. OK, that might be creepy but Canadians may enjoy the show.
Perhaps, Canadians could be asked about it. Perhaps, a referendum could be created to ask this question and many others. What kind of government should Canada have? Why aren’t Canadians part of the plan? How can Canada move forward into the late 2000s? When will Canadians be able to have proper representation in Ottawa? Could all Canadians, one day, want to vote?
It’s time Canadians begin to be actively involved in federal politics before federal politics continue to actively involve Canadians in unwanted future endeavours.
If federal political party leaders can’t play nicely together to continue to make Canada great, then maybe they shouldn’t be at the playground at all.

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