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Remembering those who sacrifice their lives for Canada

Posted on November 10, 2015 by Sunny South News

It’s hard to remember a day without war nowadays — conflicts continue throughout the world on a daily basis, unfortunately.
Canadian veterans of two world wars and the many wars since then certainly would remember the chaos and tragedy, while trudging through the frontlines overseas. The ones lucky enough to survive and return home to their loved ones certainly remember.
Remembrance Day is a time to reflect on those who gave their lives and thank the living who remain with memories of war — as the search for peace continues.
Every Christmas John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” can be heard between fluffy and feel good carols but sadly the world continues to live in fear each and every year. The lyrics, “War is over, if you want it” is but a pipedream it seems.
True, Canadians don’t have to live with the fear of hiding under desks at school or at the workplace for bombing drills at this time in history.
But Canadians, as well as every other nation, need to think about the future with the hope of a new day without war, whether its today’s war on terror or conflicts where many countries are part of a possible solution.
A moment of silence, on Nov. 11 in Canada, can be considered far too little of a sincere thank you and remembrance but during the day it would be good for Canadians to think about why war happens in the first place.
War, should be a last resort, but is at times the first option by some nations. Peace negotiations have come a long way and hopefully more countries will become allies rather than enemies.
In 2015, war should be obsolete but it continues to wreck havoc on the global psyche. Just because Canada is not at war, Canadians are overseas fighting for what they believe is important, just like our family members who fought for what they believed in. Veterans deserve to be recognized for their bravery and willingness to stick up for what is and what was wrong in the world at the time and even today.
The Syrian crisis is one such dilemma facing the world at this time. Refugees are lining up to be accepted into any country willing to let them live there — to escape a worn-torn hotspot. These children, women and men didn’t ask to be displaced rather the dire situation altered their way of life and sent them fleeing to survive. This could happen anywhere, at any given time — even in Canada. Canada is not immune to war and/or conflict.
Canada has been viewed abroad as a peacekeeping and humanitarian nation. Instead of going in, guns a blazing, we tend to wait until the dust settles and help those afflicted by the strife — unless Canadian interests are in harm’s way.
War is not pretty, it’s not glamourous, it’s not a video game — it’s real and it causes many casualties. Many Canadians in the military suit up and are sent to faraway lands for a number of reasons, as their family members are left home waiting and wondering. Will their family member return home safe? Is it worth it? Why can’t someone else stand up for the country and/or help those who need it the most?
To those who have suited up and/or continue to suit up — Canadians will remember you and thank you for your sacrifice.

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